WordPress Plugins

It is best to try out plugins on a test-site first before using them on your production sites. Before installing a plugin, you may want to check out Crappy and Shitty WordPress Plugins.

Shiba Widgets

Assign different widget sets to posts, pages, categories, and tags. Convert your widget areas into a multi-column layout and add your own widget style classes.

Download Shiba Widgets Plugin

Shiba Gallery

Display your WordPress galleries using a variety of Javascript libraries including NoobSlide, Tiny Slideshow, Galleria, Slimbox, Popeye 2.0, and the WordPress native gallery.

Download Shiba Gallery Plugin

Shiba Media Library

The Shiba Media Library simplifies the organization and use of images within the existing WordPress Media Library framework. It allows flexible image attachments, reattachments, image tagging, and gallery objects.

Download Shiba Media Library

Shiba Comments

Cache gravatar images locally on your server as well as use your own set of gravatar images.

Download Shiba Comments Plugin

Shiba Link Validator

The Shiba Link Validator extracts all links from posts, pages, and comments; then validates each link for you.

Download Shiba Link Validator

Shiba Plugin Credits

This plugin allows you to say a simple Thank You to your friendly WordPress plugin developers by including a single link back to their site on a Plugin Credits page.

Download Shiba Plugin Credits

Shiba Example Plugin

The Shiba Example Plugin is an empty plugin to help you get started on writing a WordPress plugin. It can also be used as a simple environment to test plugin code.

Download Shiba Example Plugin

Shiba Backgrounds

[RETIRED] Customize any WordPress theme by adding in your own background images and colors right from a visual interface in your WordPress Dashboard. You can create any number of backgrounds, and assign them to individual posts, post categories, or to your entire blog.

Download Shiba Backgrounds Plugin

Shiba Menubar

[RETIRED] Add category, page, or archive trees into the WordPress native custom menubar. Renders menubars using the spiffy MenuMatic script.

Download Shiba Menubar Plugin

Shiba Thumbnail

[RETIRED] The Shiba Thumbnail Plugin automatically assigns post thumbnails to the first image contained within the post. It can also resize post thumbnails.

Download Shiba Thumbnail Plugin