Shiba Gallery 3.7

Here is a detailed description of the Shiba Gallery Plugin.

New features for Shiba Gallery 3.7 –

1. Control Thumbnail Size

We can now specify thumbnail sizes for relevant galleries (Tiny Slideshow, Picture Slides, and Noobslide). Thumbnail size is set by using the tsize parameter, for example –

[gallery id="1969" size="(220,220)" tsize="(54,54)"]

The default tsize value is set to auto. This lets the plugin automatically determine a suitable thumbnail size, based on the total width of the gallery.

Below, we have two identical Noobslide galleries, but each with a different thumbnail size.

2. New Galleries

Two new galleries have been added to the plugin.

I added back a new version of Galleria by Aino. Note – Galleria determines and sets thumbnail sizes on its own, so the tsize parameter will be ignored in this case.

We can change our galleria theme by hooking into the galleria_theme filter.

// Add to init function
add_filter('galleria_theme', 'set_galleria_theme');

I have also added a navigation list gallery. This view is useful for grouping together a list of related posts, and then creating a site navigation page. For example, here is a navigation page on making greeting cards.

Below is a navigation list of 5 recent posts on this blog.

[gallery type="navlist" size="(54,54)" recent="1" numberposts="5"]

3. Gallery Defaults Value Filter

I have added a filter to the gallery default values. This allows us to assign special default values based on the current post we are on, and other blog variables. For example, Shaun is interested in changing the default gallery type based on post type. The example code below uses the slimbox gallery for posts, galleria for pages, and the default gallery for all other post types.

// Add to init function
add_filter('shiba_gallery_defaults', 'change_gallery_defaults');
function change_gallery_defaults($default) {
	global $post;
	switch ($post->post_type) {
	case 'post':
		$default['type'] = 'slimbox';	
	case 'page':
		$default['type'] = 'galleria';	
	return $default;

Finally, I also fixed some previous compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8. All galleries should now work properly on these browsers. The plugin was also tested on Chrome and Firefox.

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  1. thund says


    Great plugin, just one question I’m using this shortcode:
    [gallery id=8162 type=lightbox size="thumbnail" caption="none"]
    It works great, but how to set the next and prev arrow in the lightbox to always appear? I mean no need to hover to show it 🙂

    Thank you

    • ShibaShake says

      I would override the CSS with something like this-

      .lb-prev {
        background: url('../wp-content/plugins/shiba-gallery/images/lightbox/prev.png') left 48% no-repeat;
        opacity: 1.0 !important;
      .lb-next {
        background: url('../wp-content/plugins/shiba-gallery/images/lightbox/next.png') right 48% no-repeat;
        opacity: 1.0 !important;
  2. John Gorentz says

    Is Shiba Gallery 3.7 still the main supported version, with 4.3 being in test mode? Your comments in the 4.3 section suggested that 4.3 was just for testing at this time. But when I thought I was downloading version 3.7, I got 4.3. Which do you recommend at this time?

    • ShibaShake says

      I can only support the latest version, which is currently 4.3.

      I have added many features between 3.7 – 4.3, which is why I always remind people to test things out on a test site first.

  3. Elena says


    Is there any option to stablish by default a custom size for images without use the specifici shortcode size=”(X, X)”? I can’t achieve it!


    • ShibaShake says

      You can hook into the ‘shiba_gallery_attributes’ filter to change any of the attributes using PHP.

  4. vishal says

    Thanks for great plugin for multipurpose use
    i am using this plugin for portfolio.
    i use galleria type in slider,currently the small thumbnail carousel works but the do not rotate continuously.They stop after the last there any solution that this carousel rotate continuous?


  5. says

    Awesome plugin!
    I usually don’t have any troubles, but currently am trying to make a tiny2 gallery and the gallery is not making itself wide enough. The right and left arrows end up on separate lines (as high as the gallery is) with the gallery on its own line in between.
    I’m using: [gallery id="109" type="tiny" size="(300,2250" link="none" tsize="none" autoplay="1" ]
    it’s outputting:

    where the width should be 350px to allow for the 25px wide sliderbuttons. Any ideas how to fix this?

  6. says

    is there a detailed “HOW TO” instructions for this?

    I’m having a hard time figuring this out.

    Before with the old version all I did was input the short code on my post and it worked fine.

    And now since upgrading to the latest version, the short codes don’t work.

    I’m using [gallery id="348" type="tiny" size="(588,400)"]

    It worked flawless before, and now it doesn’t.

    Just need a detailed instructions on how to use it.


    • says

      Hmmm, that is really strange. It should just work like it did before.

      I would try running it on a test site with just TwentyTen and Shiba Gallery. If that still doesn’t work, then try turning on error reporting and let me know what errors come up.

      Otherwise, the older version should still work with 3.4. The only thing that won’t work is setting the Default Image.

  7. says

    Great plugin! Thanks!

    I’m having trouble getting galleries to display on my posts. If I just use the [gallery] shortcode, I get the default gallery for the post, wrapped in some shiba html. If I try to set the ID to get a specific gallery I get nothing. I’m assuming this is because the ID I am using is wrong, but I got the ID from what was listed in the galleries page. What am I missing?

    • says

      There could be many causes for no images showing.
      1. Non existent ID.
      2. No images are attached to the ID.
      3. Error in the shortcode.
      4. Error in the gallery.
      5. Error in rendering the gallery.
      6. Conflicts with theme.
      7. Conflicts with other plugins. etc.

      I would start by turning off Shiba gallery, and seeing if the galleries work with just the WordPress native shortcodes.

  8. says

    Excellent plugin!

    Is there a way to make the description length longer? I’m using the slimbox gallery and it is truncating my photo descriptions on the front-end after only 100 characters or so. I’d like it to include with each photo the description field no matter how long it is, or at least up to 500 characters.

    How can this be done?

    • says

      1. Look in shiba-slimbox.php.

      2. Find the line (around 26)-
      $img_caption = $shiba_gallery->helper->get_caption($image, $caption, $link);

      change it to
      $img_caption = $shiba_gallery->helper->get_caption($image, $caption, $link, ‘-‘, 500);

      I will include a filter for changing this in the next update.

  9. says

    Thank you for the great plugin.
    I’m using the noobslide galleria and I want to translate the play/previous/next labels, but I can’t seem to find it in the code. Could you help me?

  10. says

    Hi – me again!
    I upgraded to the latest Gallery plugin 3.7x to remedy the “only 10 thumbnails showing” issue, but now I have a different problem.
    If I have mixed photos in landscape and portrait orientation, it looks like there is an overlapping problem. For instance a portrait comes after a landscape and you can still see the landscape behind the portrait. Is there a setting… or should only have 1 sized photos? thank you again!

    Here is a page which demonstrates the issue. I’m sorry but you will have to forward through the photos to see what I’m talking about. But I think you understand the problem.

  11. terry says

    Hi, thank you for this great plugin. I am using 3.7 and the “galleria” type.

    Is there any way for the large image to popup in a lightbox when clicked? Currently it just opens in a browser window, like the Galleria example you have above in #2

    I have tried a few of the WordPress lightbox plugins but they do not seem to work with Shiba/Galleria.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  12. says


    Thank you for this great plugin. I’m making my way through the all the documentation and files but can’t find where to make the change for > 10 thumbnails per gallery.

    I’m having issues as well with only 10 thumbnails showing up.
    Could you tell me what you changed?

    I’m using Tiny and noobgalleria, these galleries have more then 10 images.

    Thank you so much in advance! I appreciate all your wonderful work.

  13. says

    Sorry for second comment Shiba.
    I already have an older version of your plugin installed on a local site install – I am not being prompted to upgrade – do I need to upgrade manually?

    I have slimbox as the Gallery type, does the tsize parameter support slimbox.

    Agree with Jimmy – you should have a donate button.

    • says

      I already have an older version of your plugin installed on a local site install – I am not being prompted to upgrade – do I need to upgrade manually?

      Yes. The plugin is not in, so you will need to upgrade it manually.

      I have slimbox as the Gallery type, does the tsize parameter support slimbox.

      You can set the slimbox image sizes by just using the regular “size” parameter. “tsize” is only relevant in those cases the have both a larger image and thumbnail images underneath it, for example in tiny and pslides.

  14. says

    Hi Shiba
    Good to see that you are updating and adding to an already great plugin.

    I’ve just started on a client site where several galleries may be required and each one may need different sized thumbs.
    Looks as though your tsize parameter may be just what’s needed.

    I may not need to, but can I style each gallery differently?

    Thanks for taking the time to develop this plugin.

  15. Jimmy-james says

    Hi again – I’m using pslides, but have tried a few others and they all seem to only show 10 thumbs and ignores the rest. If it’s not limited by the plugin it must be in my theme. I’ll look there and see what I can find.

    • says

      Opps, I found the problem. It was my bad – I had set the default numberposts to 10. I have fixed it so just download the zip again and reinstall.

      Thanks for reporting this.

  16. Jimmy-james says

    Wow – totally cool plugin! You should definitely put up a paypal donation button. This easily competes with several paid options out there.

    How to you set a higher limit of thumbs than 10?

    Thanks for the great plugin!

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