Shiba Gallery 3.3

The Shiba Gallery Plugin allows you to display your WordPress galleries using a variety of Javascript libraries including Noobslide, TinySlideshow, SlimBox, Popeye, Picture Slides, and the WordPress native gallery.

You can display as many galleries as you want, and have different types of galleries within the same blog page.

Here is a detailed description of the Shiba Gallery Plugin.

New features for for Shiba Gallery 3.3 –

1. Gallery Frames

You may now assign a variety of styled frames to your WordPress blog galleries and images. Adding frames is easily done through the standard gallery shortcode.

[gallery id="10" frame="black" ]

Current frames include none, green, blue, gray, shadow, black, white, and border. Here are some example galleries with the different frames.

You may also assign a default frame to all your blog galleries and images. This is done through the new Shiba Gallery options menu in Media >> Shiba Gallery.

Look under Set Default Frame, and pick the frame of your choice through a drop-down menu. There is a check box below that determines whether this default frame should also be applied to images in your blog.

Once you are done with these settings, click on the Save Options button at the bottom of the page.

2. Gallery Captions

You may now set what type of captioning you want in the gallery shortcode. Captions may be set to none, title, description, or permanent.

  • None suppresses all captions.
  • Title only shows the title of the image, post, or gallery.
  • Description shows both the title and description of the image, post, or gallery.
  • Permanent only applies to Popeye galleries. Permanent turns off the hover effect in Popeye galleries and displays captions in a permanent location.
[gallery id="8686" type="popeye" frame="green" caption="permanent"]

3. Gallery Paging

Paging of your WordPress Galleries can also be achieved through the gallery shortcode using numberposts and page. Our dog pictures page uses the gallery paging system.

[gallery category="10" type="native" post_type="post" 
         order="DESC" caption="title" frame="black" 
         numberposts="5" page="2"]

The gallery shortcode above displays 5 entries per page, and in particular we want to show page 2.

4. Shiba Gallery Options Page

We have added a gallery options page under Media >> Shiba Gallery. This options screen allows you to easily set the default gallery type, default gallery image, default gallery frame, and default gallery caption.

Default values will be used on galleries that do not have type, frame, or caption explicitly specified in the gallery shortcode.

The default gallery image is used in cases where the post, page, or gallery does not have an associated thumbnail or featured image.

5. New Galleries

Finally we have also added some awesome new galleries including –

  • Popeye 2.0 by Christoph Schüßler. They also have a Popeye WordPress plugin.
  • Picture Slides by Robert Nyman. This provides an alternative thumbnail gallery to Noobslide.
  • Slimbox 2 by Christophe Beyls. Slimbox is an efficient version of Lightbox that is solely based on jQuery. Slimbox will now be used in place of lytebox.
[gallery id="10" type="slimbox" frame="shadow" ]

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  1. Maura says

    Hi there,
    great plug-in.

    I’m using lytebox and trying to get titles of the image to show up underneath each image. Can’t seem to get it to work using the caption shortcode. What could I be doing wrong? Do captions show up with the lytebox using that shortcode, or do I have to do something different?

    Thank you!

    • says

      The caption option for lytebox controls what appears in the popup image window (that is the default behavior). To add captions next to the thumbnails, you can probably edit shiba-slimbox.php, and add whatever captions html to the render function.

  2. says

    is it possible to set the image title/caption to the post that it was attached to ?

    do u have to create a seperate page for each lot of images if you want to use pagination ?

    • ShibaShake says

      is it possible to set the image title/caption to the post that it was attached to ?

      If you include a post, page, or gallery, the image title/caption will be set to the title of the post. You can also include a short excerpt of the post by setting the gallery caption to description.

      do u have to create a seperate page for each lot of images if you want to use pagination ?

      I just use the standard WordPress nextpage marker. For example –

      [gallery category="109" type="native" post_type="post" order="DESC" caption="title" numberposts="15"]

      [gallery category="109" type="native" post_type="post" order="DESC" caption="title" numberposts="15" page="2"]

  3. John G says

    Thanks for the great plugin. Hey, what’s the easiest way to insert a gallery in the manual, PHP style, without widgets or shortcodes? Isn’t there some kind of post_id query or something like that? Any help much appreciated…

    • ShibaShake says

      You can call the shortcode function directly. In this plugin the relevant function is parse_gallery_shortcode.

      parse_gallery_shortcode($output, $attr)

      $attr is an array containing shortcode arguments and $output is whatever output string you want the gallery to be appended to.

        • ShibaShake says

          The function returns the gallery HTML string which will include all the image URLs etc. So you can do –

          echo parse_gallery_shortcode($output, $attr);


          $output = parse_gallery_shortcode($output, $attr);
          /* Further process $output */
          • says

            Great work, and thanks for shearing!
            I was trying to output a gallery with php code too, using the function you suggested (below you can find the code), but the problem is that in this way the page miss the footer shortcode, therefore the gallery that shows up in the page is not animated, I tried then to echo the_shiba gallery_footer function but I wasn’t able to make it function, what I did wrong?

            if (class_exists(“Shiba_Gallery”)) {
            $instance = new Shiba_Gallery();
            if (isset($instance)) {
            echo $instance->parse_gallery_shortcode(”, $instance->options[‘default_gallery’]);

            And than after the content:

            if (isset($instance)) {
            echo $instance->shiba_gallery_footer();

            Thanks a lot in advance,


          • ShibaShake says

            Hello Marco,

            Try doing the following –

            global $shiba_gallery; 
            echo $shiba_gallery->parse_gallery_shortcode("", array('id' => "10"));

            I tested this in a page template and it works on my setup. Let me know if you have problems.

  4. says

    I really love these plugins, but man they are hard to find to download. There are so many links and text and images all over the page but I can’t seem to find out where to download these. I’ve searched wordpress plugins and their not there.

    Please put a simple and plain and obvious link somewhere so it’s easier to direct download the plugin! ! ! !

  5. says


    I really appreciate the work you have done on the shiba plugin. I am a relative newbie and am having a hard time upgrading. My blog currently uses v.2.7.3 of Shiba Gallery. Trying to upgrade, but cannot find instructions. When I try to upload the zip file I get an error message. Can you, please, help?



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