NoobSlide – One Gallery to Rule Them All

NoobSlide is one of the most versatile, efficient, and compelling Javascript galleries I have seen. Many thanks to its creators for making something so awesome!

NoobSlide is now part of the Shiba Gallery Plugin so that you may insert its galleries into your blog with a simple WordPress gallery shortcode.

Below are the 8 common NoobSlide examples (with very slight modifications) integrated into the WordPress gallery system. I have also added 3 more galleries using the NoobSlide system that is reminiscent of Galleria, SlideViewer and NativeX.

[Header and footer images from Tattoo Girls WordPress Theme.]

NoobSlide Sample 1

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_1"]

NoobSlide Sample 2

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_2"]

NoobSlide Sample 3

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_3"]

NoobSlide Sample 4

[gallery type="noobslide_4" numberposts="22" recent="1"]

NoobSlide Sample 5

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_5"]

NoobSlide Sample 6

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_6" responsive="aspect"]

NoobSlide Sample 7

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_7"]

NoobSlide Sample 8

[gallery type="noobslide_8" numberposts="22" recent="1"]

NoobSlide Sample Galleria

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_galleria"]

NoobSlide Sample SlideViewer

[gallery id="1969" type="noobslide_slideviewer"]

NoobSlide Sample NativeX

[gallery type="noobslide_nativex" numberposts="6" recent="1"]

Shiba Gallery Plugin

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  1. Justin says

    Can this plugin be used on one page I’m using easy fancybox for my photo galleries and want to install the noobslide for one specific page.

    • says

      Yeah swapping in plugins based on post or page ID is an interesting issue. Here is something I did with wp-syntax to only load it on relevant posts-

      For what you describe above, it may be possible to just install the plugin but leave it deactivated. Then just load the plugin file as necessary. Never tried this before though, so not sure how well that will work. The problem is that page ID is only available after the wordpress loop gets initiated, but most plugins (including Shiba Gallery) hooks into the init and admin_init actions which fire before the WP loop.

  2. says

    Hi. I really like your slider. I’m not really familiar with Jquery at all so I’m having a little trouble editing it. I’m working with Noobslide_4 and am trying to replace the numbers at the bottom with the Featured Image.

    Ideally, I’m going for an end result that looks like this:

    Do you have any tips / suggestions?

    • says

      Do you mean you want to replace the numbers with the picture thumbnails? There is an example of this in noobslide_nativex. The Featured Image should already appear on the summary panel.

      If you want the featured image to appear larger, and for the thumbs to appear at the side, then you want to play around with the HTML and CSS style of the elements. It may take some work though.

      • says

        Hi I guess the Nativex is more of what I”m looking for but I do need to make some modifications. I’m not too familiar with javascript but I’m pretty comfortable with HTML and CSS. In the end I am going for something pretty similar to the website I sent you. Is there an easy way to remove the “Next / Previous” feature and the Play buttons? How would one go about shifting the featured images to the right — instead of underneath?

  3. Munkykisser says

    Hi ShibaShake,

    Is it possible to add a URL to each slide using the Shiba gallery?

    e.g. link to google (or somewhere) from one of the images?

    Thank you

    • says

      Yeah the best way to do that, is to standardize WordPress link objects to become custom post types. However, that can only be done by WordPress.

      On my own sites I have expanded link objects so that they can be linked to an attachment object. Then when that attachment object is included in the gallery, the link object information gets shown. However, this is not a very elegant solution, and is probably only for the short term. Therefore, I did not include it in the plugin.

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