Shiba Gallery Plugin 1.0

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There are many gorgeous Javascript libraries for rendering a gallery of images, but thus far, I have been unable to find a WordPress Gallery plugin that allows me to easily integrate multiple gallery styles within a single blog.

Thus … the Shiba WordPress Gallery Plugin was born.

The Shiba Gallery Plugin operates on the WordPress gallery shortcode, so it will integrate seamlessly with the existing WordPress gallery system. In addition, it allows you to specify a new type attribute. For example –

[gallery type="galleria"]

Here is the resulting gallery.

The power of the Shiba Gallery Plugin is that it allows you to use a variety of gallery styles not just within the same blog, but within the same blog page. You can include as many galleries as you want and display them in the style that you want simply by specifying type in your gallery shortcode.

Simple but Powerful

Here is another example gallery rendered using Smooth Gallery.

[gallery  id="10" type="smoothgallery"]

It is as simple as that.

And if you decide to deactivate the plugin, your gallery codes will still work with other WordPress gallery based plugins.

If you do not specify a type, the system will just default to Smooth Gallery. You can also change the default gallery by defining the constant SHIBA_GALLERY_DEFAULT in your theme functions.php file.

For example –

define('SHIBA_GALLERY_DEFAULT', 'popeye');

The same gallery rendered using Lytebox.

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  1. says


    This looks like a great plugin. I’m quite interested in testing it out.

    Is there any documentation on how to customize this plugin?

    I would like to change the default size of the gallery.


  2. ShibaShake says

    Last few days there may have been some ‘security check’ errors while rendering galleries. This was a result of caching issues within my blog. It should all be resolved by now.

    Please let me know if you continue to see ‘security check’ errors on this page. Thank you.

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