Shiba Gallery 3.5

The Shiba Gallery Plugin allows you to display your WordPress galleries using a variety of Javascript libraries including Noobslide, TinySlideshow, SlimBox, Lytebox, Popeye, Picture Slides, and the WordPress native gallery.

You can display as many galleries as you want, and have different types of galleries within the same blog page.

Here is a detailed description of the Shiba Gallery Plugin.

New features for for Shiba Gallery 3.5 –

1. Link Argument

You now have the option to set your gallery links to file, attachment, or none.

  • link = “file” – Points gallery links to the source files.
  • link = “attachment” – Points gallery links to the image attachment page.
  • link = “none” – Just includes the title of the image with no link.

For example –

[gallery id="8686" frame="black" link="attachment" size="(220,220)"]

You may also assign a default link type to all your blog galleries and images. This is done through the new Shiba Gallery options menu in Media >> Shiba Gallery.

Look under Set Default Link, and pick the link type of your choice through a drop-down menu.

Once you are done with these settings, click on the Save Options button at the bottom of the page.

2. Expanded Caption Shortcode

The standard WordPress caption shortcode has been expanded to deal with images and galleries.

For example –

[caption align="alignleft" width="220" frame="green" caption="frame='green'"]
<img src=""/>

You may now specify which frame to use for an image within the caption shortcode. Images that are not captioned (e.g. emoticons or gravatar images) will no longer be framed.

You may also use the caption shortcode with galleries.

For example –

[caption align="aligncenter" caption="This caption shortcode contains a gallery instead of an image."]
[gallery id="8686" size="large"]

3. Lytebox

The Lytebox gallery by Markus F. Hay has been added back to the plugin as requested by Shelley.

SlimBox is more efficient than Lytebox but it does not resize images that are larger than the browser window whereas Lytebox does. Therefore, if you have really large images or odd-sized images that extend outside the browser window, then you may want to use Lytebox instead of SlimBox.

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  1. says

    I was showing someone my site, and to my dismay, the grid style galleries that I set up seems to have broken. I used Shiba on all of my gallery pages, and an image slider for the portfolio. Has Shiba been confirmed to NOT be compatible with wordpress 3.5.1 or should I try and roll back to 3.5?

    • says

      Ok, I checked out one of your gallery pages.
      – It looks like you are using an older version of the plugin. Please refer to the main plugin page for updates and most recent versions. Current version should be 4.0+.
      – It looks like you are using multiple different gallery plugins. Therefore, there will be a high likelihood of conflict.

      In general, I find that it is best to test plugins and WP updates out on a test site first before deploying.

  2. says

    I’ve read many great reviews about Shiba gallery and the versatility and ease of use it provides, but have yet to experience any of this. I am not new to web design by any means, I would call my skill level ‘intermediate.’ However, I have only recently started using WP and so there are many simple structures about the tools available that I have yet to explore or understand fully.

    The problem I’m having though, is I can’t find any actual instructions on setting up a gallery with Shiba, and the only reference I can find for it throughout my WP dashboard is within the ‘media’ section under the Shiba gallery area. But, in this area the only relevant options I see is an ability to set the default image, specify the type of gallery I wish to create, and a few default options.

    Nowhere, though, am I finding an actual ability to create a gallery through this plugin or references to control a gallery I have created. Basically, I’m stuck on step 2, and can’t find a good source of information on how to proceed. I imagine I could sift through the .js code and .php code and figure all of this out, but that sort of seems like it would eliminate the purpose of using the plugin. please help.

  3. says

    Hi Shiba,
    your site and your wordpress theme is amazing. I love it!
    I’m using WordPress since a few days and your tutorials helped me a lot to create my site like I want. Now I want to use your gallery plugin with the noobslide_galleria. It works well, but I have a problem with the links to my images. I want that the images open in a new window, when you click on the link below. How can I handle this? Thanks.

    • says

      Always great to hear from you! Especially love that horse render.

      Re: Images in new window
      1. Look in shiba-gallery-helper.php.
      2. Search for the “get_attachment_link” function.
      3. Change all instances of target=”_top” to target=”_blank” within the function.

      Re: Genesis Skins –
      Genesis Skins is a new child theme I created on top of the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. You can check out the Genesis framework at I plan to release my child theme at some point, but I still have a bunch of things I have to work through with it and bugs to fix. I just did many many updates on my site so I will be busy with that for a while. Might be some time before I release Genesis Skins. šŸ˜€

      Definitely take a look at the studiopress site. They have many cool looking child themes there.

      Re: Number of Columns –
      The Genesis Framework has several templates with 1, 2, or 3 columns. Their site has some nice examples of the various templates. So yes, that option is still available but through the template system.

      • says

        Thanks a lot, Shiba. You are amazing! šŸ™‚
        Glad you like my horse render. Will do some more with the Mill Horse, if I have some time.

        I will take a look at But I think, I will wait for your release. I really love your style and your ideas. Maybe sometimes I understand how I can use the gallerys for my posts. It’s a little bit difficult for me to understand all your explanations in english. o.O.

        But that’s not your fault. You do a great job. Thanks for support and your great theme! šŸ™‚

  4. isabel says

    Hi, im trying to use the gallery with the presets Galleria and im wonering if its possible to make the info text apper on the bottom of the image without covering it at all… can someone help me?

  5. Charles says

    Wondering if there is a way to dynamically create a gallery based on the image tags in your plugin. For example I could create a static link to search and return a gallery for all image with a certain tag. Similar to the wordpress tagging. I know you can filter to create a gallery but it would be a turn key for me if I could use your Media Library tags to dynamically create a gallery. Thanks, Charlie

  6. jimmy says


    I am using this plugin. It got a great effects but i want to know that is there any way to attach as much images as i want using single id. Right now i have to create posts and set features images. i dont want to create posts. I just want to attach more than one image.

    Thanks in advance

  7. says

    Shiba, I am using an older version of your plugins, Shiba Media Library 2.9.4 and Shiba Gallery 3.1.8. I am curious if you have made it possible to easily order the pictures within a gallery. Currently I modified one of your files to do an ‘order by’ (on picture name I think) which means I have to rename my pictures to reorder them. Is there a better way to do this now?

      • ERik says

        Hey Shiba! I am in the process of updating my site to take advantage of Shiba Gallery 3.5 and Shiba Library 3.3. I have a few galleries and I can resort my pictures by dragging them around and saving the gallery in all but one of my galleries. Any idea what would cause this?
        In WordPress Admin in the Gallery page where I can resort the images it saves the order there, but when I go to the actual page that displays the gallery the order is not reflected there.
        Any suggestions? This only happens with one of my galleries and from what I can tell there is nothing really different about them.


        • says

          Hello Erik,
          Is the gallery published? There may be a bug in there where the ordering is not saved when the gallery is unpublished.

          Another possibility is to set the orderby attribute in your gallery shortcode to ‘menu_order ID’. This should be the default, but maybe it is getting over-written somewhere else.

          • Erik says

            Shiba, this update is fantastic! My problem was I had an old orderby attribute lingering around on the 1 gallery… stupid tired mistake on my part.

            Thanks again for your work!

            I added the jQuery Galleria plugin ( into Shiba Gallery and I think it is a great gallery to have available. You can see it at my website: Let me know if you want me to zip up everything and send to you. You can diff the changes and see if you want to incorporate into your baseline.


          • says

            Thanks Erik. I really like the look of your website and the Galleria picture gallery.

            I will definitely look into adding it on the next iteration of the plugin.

          • Erik says

            Shiba, I already have the coding done to add Galleria into Shiba Gallery. It was quite simple and really didn’t take that much code at all to get things working.
            I can send you the code so you can review it and decide if you want to include as is or if you want to refactor it a bit. Either way it should save you a bit of time instead of redoing the work I’ve already done to add it.
            Send me an email if you are interested and I will email you a zip of everything.

  8. says

    Hi Shiba
    I’m putting a WordPress site together for my daughter to display her photos.
    Site will use Genesis child theme and Genesis recommend your plugin for a gallery so here I am.

    Question, you say:
    “Therefore, if you have really large images or odd-sized images that extend outside the browser window, then you may want to use Lytebox instead of SlimBox.”

    Her images will be all shapes and sizes, so I guess I should be using Lytebox – is that right.

    BTW – love the site, a real one-off.

    • says

      Hello Keith,
      Slimbox will not extend the pop-up image window to be wider than the browser. However, it is much more efficient than Lytebox.

      I would use Slimbox unless it is absolutely necessary to use Lytebox, i.e., if the images are so big that they are larger than the browser window.

      Thanks for your kind words. šŸ˜€

  9. says

    I use noobslide_thumb option. I needed to move gallery from the center of a page to the left side of a page and I added next css-code:
    .noobmain {
    float: left;
    But when I’m trying add margins (for the space between the gallery and a text from a post) they are ignored.

    Could you help me?

    • ShibaShake says

      You could use captions, for example –
      [caption align="alignleft" width="260" caption='blah']

      Alternatively, try enclosing the gallery shortcode in a parent div with alignments and margins.

  10. says

    I don’t understand what file I edit and where in the code I’m supposed to change to change the size of the slideshow?

    As you can see it’s tiny. Also, I like that it allows people to click “play”, but I’d also like it to autoplay. I tried using the “tiny” type that allowed autoplay, but it looked like each photo was dumping on top of the other so presentation was not good.

    please advise.

    • ShibaShake says

      At the moment you can hook into ‘the_gallery_content’ filter to change the gallery shortcode using PHP.

      In the next release I will include that in the Media Library plugin options interface.

  11. Dee says

    Hi ShibaShake

    This is probably a silly question but how do u update the Shiba Gallery plugin on a wordpress site? I downloaded the updated gallery zip file and tried to upload it to my wordpress site via the plugin screen, but it kept complaining the gallery already exists. I was hoping it would update like other plugins by clicking update link, but may be i’ve missed something ??


    • Dee says

      Sorry i meant to say i already use Shiba Gallery 3.3 and i’m try to update to the latest 3.3 version. I have recently upgraded my wordpress to 3.1 too. It won’t let me update your gallery.


    • ShibaShake says

      Hello Dee,
      To update –
      1. Deactivate the Shiba Gallery plugin.
      2. Delete the Shiba Gallery plugin.
      3. Reinstall the new Shiba Gallery zip.

      The update link only appears for plugins that are in the directory.

  12. Hector says

    Hi again.

    I want to hide galleries as stand alone pages and being listed in archive pages in the front-end. I just want them embedded but not “public” by themselves. Where do you register their post types? I looked in the core WP post.php and made attachments not public, but it wasn’t the solution?


    • ShibaShake says

      Are you also using Shiba Media Library?
      Gallery objects are defined in Shiba Media Library in the shiba-mlib-permalink.php file.

      • Hector says

        Fantastic, that’s just what I needed (yes I am also using Media Library).

        Many thanks for the support and for the fabulous plugins!

  13. says

    Thanks for the feedback !

    1) I’d try autoplay: true in shortcode but it did not work. I did look in.php but the setting (on walkup) was the setting that I saw.. so I didn’t mess around with it.. I’ll give your code a try and get back to you if I have any q’s

    2) I did try short code [gallery size="(250,300)"] in my widget area with noobslider_4 but it was very ugly. the excerpt content truncated, and it looked hack, so I don’t think noobslide is going to work without some work. Most people us widgets, so, you should add a gallery for widgets…hint..hint…

    3) My take on the galleries that they are not adaptable easily to the widget area, the little black boxes, sliders, and everything else does not seem downwardly scaleable and although you provide some very good instructions, I’m a plug and play kind of person. so writing code is not my thing……

    New !!

    How can I modify the excerpt fonts ? I looked in css and php for my theme and did not come across anything, your noobslide boxes are all nicely formatted…’d you do that ???

    thanks for your help. I really appreciate it…. and yes, you ‘should write a tutorial on this’, for Yarrp…I’ll beta test it šŸ™‚



    • ShibaShake says

      the little black boxes, sliders, and everything else does not seem downwardly scaleable

      That is a very good point. I will add that onto my todo list.

      How can I modify the excerpt fonts ?

      You want to check what div container it is in, then you can change the CSS of that container. If you use Google Chrome, it has a great tool where you can right click in any area of the browser window and pick “Inspect Element”. This will show you the div and parent divs of your selection as well as the CSS associated with it.

      For example, the excerpt font of your theme seems to be defined in –
      #main .primer_post .contenido { font-family: ‘DriodSans’; … }

      You can also do this in Firefox by installing the Firebug plugin.

  14. says

    I upload hte theme and the new YARPP fix is working. I can use related=”1″, then content will appear. I don’t think this is a bug, but, I cannot limit the postnumbers, it is defaulting to the YARPP settings…..

    thanks for the update.

    I’d was wondering how you are able to format the except content in the noobslider nativex ? Can you direct me to somewhere that you addressed this on you site that provides some details…

    thanks again….

  15. says

    Your plugin has been such a life saver!!

    Can you please advise how to implement directly in a PHP template, instead of using the shortcode? I have been parsing the shortcode using the_content() but I need to concat other parameters such as INCLUDE or TAGS via custom fields.


  16. says


    I’ve came across your plugin and just recently began to work on understanding the short-code. You have done a very good job providing examples and content. In order to get the plugin to work I have had a few issues resetting some of my theme options but that issue is behind me.

    I have two questions and perhaps you can help with further advise.

    1) I have the YARPP plugin (love it) and cannot get similar results that you have using the recent= parameter. When I add [gallery type="noobslide_nativex" numberposts="3" related="1" size="thumbnail"] to my post, the output with this plugin is only one article, and that is the article of the current post. However the Yarpp plugin will list 5 related posts. So I know there is related content, but the Shiba plugin isn’t picking them up. Do I need to set another parameter up somewhere ?

    2) I’d like to use the plugin content for in a widget. It is perfect application for this. I have found your instructions for adding code to the function.php…..but I have tried adding the code you provided into various locations and am still having no luck, any specific location suggestions would be appreciated…

    // Add to the init function of your functions.php file
    add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);



    • ShibaShake says

      Re: YARPP –
      YARPP uses a new caching system in version 3.2 so I had to update some things in the Shiba Gallery plugin to make it compatible. I have updated the plugin zip file. Try downloading and reinstalling the plugin.

      Re: Widget –
      I did the following on my test environment and it seems to work –
      1. Put the add_filter code in the init function of your theme functions.php file. Make sure it is regular single quotes not the pretty single quotes. I.e.

      add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

      2. Add a text widget into the widget area of your choice.
      3. Add the relevant gallery shortcode into the text widget.

      Let me know how it goes.

      • says


        I’ve been successful using your Gallery plugin, and reworked a few recent Blog Posting to add gallery content. It is very cool to have access to 5 galleries…..and have the adaptability to create a look for particular post using gallery content is something I have been searching for…

        One thing, I’ve done to try is to use the WP sticky page function and use noobslider_8 as sort of Blog Content Container….we’ll see if I like that….I think some Css, fonts and very small thumbs needed
        I was able to get a bit more info on a goggle search on your functions.php suggestion. The tip was ranked #3 for WP users because of ease of use and expandability. I went back into my functions.php and found add_action {Init function, near the top of the file, the tip was to add it between , so I added the code, and was successful later adding gallery content to my widgets ! Very cool stuff.

        I will try to download the latest version of the plugin and give it a try.
        thanks !

        I have a few new questions, but before I get to them, I have to tell you, that your site is full of excellent and unique plugins which are very very imaginative and useful. I did a short piece on my site about your gallery plugin……..

        I also installed your Media plugin, it is very helpful trying to get WP media content to use by using tags. I prefer tags and your Media plugin has also found its way into improving my workflow….thank you..
        I did bump up against a bug (?) in the media plug in. In Edit Gallery, section: Gallery Images, once files were imported based on the tags, the Detach from Gallery function did not work. I tried selecting from the drop down box numerous times and images did not detach…… there something I’m doing incorrectly ?
        On another issue of a large scope, If I add a gallery such as NoobSlide_8 on regular Blog page it will display. What I’d really like to do, is have Noobslide 8 display on the Single Post page, that is the page which open when you click on the main blog page. I hope I’m clear..because I think this may be a cool thing……..YARPP has templates, which display ‘related’ info based on a particular template format..that is to say, when you open up a Blog page to a single page, I could not figure out how to recode the template to add the functionality to use the Gallery because I don’t have that much skill at php, but if noobslide was in the YARPP template, then your visitor would open your main Blog page, have the blog content, then the related content in a Noob gallery. Just a though….////
        See you got my creative juices going……

        There are almost no plugins out there that do a good job with recent post streaming in widgets. I’ve looked and looked….Yesterday after loading your plugin, I got to thinking that I could use the shortcode and Noobslide_4 in a sidebar widget,,,,,,however after hours of trying, I could not figure out how to fully modify Noobslide_4 to 1) auto run (well I did manage a hack), 2)have a format size of 250,300, 3) element the little black boxes at the base. I think if it could be cleaned up, that it’d be an interesting use of the gallery plugin. I got as far as I could, and have it up on my site on the link above..
        Oh and finally, I got to thinking that I’d try the parallel downloading, but was fearful of quickly diving into it using your media plugin. Your plugin got me thinking, I’m very new at the subdomain thing and needed more information and safety net in case something went wrong…. I tried another plugin, linked to a video to established 2 subdomains using cpanel, then changed and modified Plugin settings and turned my website on, and all my Image content displayed as question marks. I’m using W3t cache and maxcdn so I think my .htacess has some issues. The plugin author is looking into for me…WP Parallel Loading System

        All in all an active weekend, you do have some wonderful and creative content on your site and I’m glad I found it, it has benefited in a number of ways. I know your busy and don’t expect any resources on my comments, however you may want to consider the feedback for future releases…..


        • ShibaShake says

          Hello Ed,

          In Edit Gallery, section: Gallery Images, once files were imported based on the tags, the Detach from Gallery function did not work.

          Yeah, the Detach function only works for images that are manually attached using the Attach function. The Attach function creates a parent-child relationship between the gallery and the image it contains. This is the standard WordPress interface for getting images into galleries.

          The tag system is a bit different in that it allows you to attach tags onto the images. You can then perform queries based on those tags.

          What Iā€™d really like to do, is have Noobslide 8 display on the Single Post page, that is the page which open when you click on the main blog page.

          Do you mean you want to automatically add a Noobslide8 YARPP gallery onto each single post page? In my own blogs I hook into the ‘the_content’ filter and just add the gallery shortcode to the end of all my posts and pages.

          I should write a tutorial on this. It is not too difficult to do.

          1) auto run (well I did manage a hack),

          Those are all very good questions.

          To autorun you just need to add autoPlay: true into the noobSlide javascript. Try doing this –
          1. Open the shiba-noobslide.php file.
          2. Go to line 134, which current looks like this – handles: $$(‘#handles$shiba_gallery->nsNum span’),
          3. Add

          autoPlay: true,

          before it.

          Noobslide is a very powerful gallery because you can easily plug and play with the different elements to create your own gallery. Here is a more advanced tutorial on how to extend the plugin with your own noobslide galleries –

          2)have a format size of 250,300

          Use the size argument within the gallery shortcode. For example –
          [gallery size="(250,300)"]

          3) element the little black boxes at the base.

          I am not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean you want to remove the Show:Title text? Or just switch the position of the Show text and the numbers? Noobslide is very flexible so you can easily combine all the elements from different galleries together to create your own design.

          Thanks for all your useful feedback and for your very kind words.

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