How to Make Poll Daddy Objects Mobile Responsive

Screen-shot of mobile responsive Poll Daddy object, where text floats properly to the right of radio buttons.

Currently, the standard Poll Daddy objects that I use are fixed width and not mobile responsive. Here are some simple CSS styles that I use to make Poll Daddy objects responsive to small devices. 1. Scale poll object to fit the screen. The first step is to add some styles to scale my Poll Daddy […]

Genesis Skins 1.5

Screen-shot of blog post with no page border (flowing design).

Genesis skins allows you to flexibly create and assign skins to different posts, pages, or other custom post types. We can assign skins to an individual post or to groups of posts through the use of categories and tags. Skins are created through a graphical UI based on the WordPress theme previewer interface, therefore no […]

Shiba Media Library 3.7

Screen-shot of the media manager Create-Gallery screen, while doing a post search.

The main addition to this release is an expansion on the media manager search interface- Posts, pages, and custom post types can now be searched for and added into galleries from the media manager interface. Image search is performed based on title as well as alt text. Shiba Media Library was tested on WordPress 3.5 […]

How to Expand the WordPress Media Manager Interface

Screenshot of the Edit Gallery screen after we hit the Create Gallery button.

This is an advanced tutorial on how to expand the WordPress media manager interface with new options. In particular, I want to expand the drop-down menu in the media manager menu so that I can do searches based on posts, pages, and custom post types, as well as include their thumbnails into my galleries. Other […]

Shiba Gallery 4.3

Blonde girl looking through and holding a circular picture frame.

This is a very big update, so please try things out on a test site first. Feel free to post bug reports here or in the main Shiba Gallery article. New features for Shiba Gallery 4.3 – 1. Client Responsive Galleries The biggest addition to this release is client responsive galleries. In release 4.0 we […]

Google Authorship – Good or Bad for Search Traffic?

Close-up of beautiful blonde holding a square picture frame.

One of the things that I truly enjoy about online interactions is that we are more free from the biases and prejudices that are associated with physical appearance. In the real world, We form first impressions from faces despite warnings not to do so. Moreover, there is considerable agreement in our impressions, which carry significant […]

Shiba Widgets 2.0


The key feature added in Shiba Widgets 2.0 is the ability to render widgets in posts using shortcodes. [Full Shiba Widgets description] Below are a list of standard widgets including their specialized input parameters. Common input parameters to all widgets include – before_title after_title title Standard widget classes List of standard widget classes and their […]

Using CDN Cnames with w3tc and MultiSite

Media Temple screenshot of editing my sub-domain DNS entry.

Recently, I started using Cnames for my CDN setup. This allows my static CDN content to have a pretty url that is tied to my own domain. Here I discuss how I set-up a Cname for my Media Temple dv server and CloudFront CDN. Then, I highlight a loading issue I encountered with w3tc multisite […]

Shiba Skins WordPress Theme

Shiba Skins WordPress Theme

Shiba Skins allows you to assign images, colors, and more on a page by page basis. Theme customization options are saved into a skin, which we can then be applied to a specific post or to a group of post objects. Shiba Skins contains similar skinning functionality as Genesis Skins, but is built on top […]