Shiba Inu vs. Siberian Husky – Which is Better?

I really like Spitz type dogs, so I am owned by a Shiba Inu and a Siberian Husky. They are both great friends, but have somewhat different personalities.

Which is better – Shiba or Siberian?

You decide – a cookie is at stake!

1. Pretty Face

Shiba Inus look like foxes and Siberian Huskies look like wolves.

Both breeds of dog are extremely good looking, so it is a matter of taste as to which you like better.

Shibas are a small dog breed, with the males weighing about 18-25 pounds, and females weighing about 15-20 pounds. Sephy weighs about 32 pounds! He is a BIG Shiba!

Siberians are medium sized dogs with the males weighing about 45-60 pounds, and the females weighing about 35-50 pounds. Shania weighs about 43 pounds.

Many people get Shibas because of their small size which makes them more ideal for living in an apartment.

2. Brain Power

If you look at the breed descriptions for Shibas and Siberians, they are both listed as very intelligent and independent.

Siberian Shania is intelligent because she is very good at figuring out how to work her interactive food toys. She is always refining her technique, and very quickly, she identifies the most time efficient way to get the most food out per time.

Shiba Inu Sephy?

Usually he just waits around for Shania to work on all the toys. When she gets the food out, he will come around and pick up most of the stuff that she leaves behind. In this way, he gets to have the food with the least amount of effort.

Another important difference is that Shibas are usually more careful and deliberate. In contrast, Siberians are exuberant, with a more devil-may-care attitude.

Shiba’s size the situation up before proceeding, where Siberians just rush in and then try to figure out what the heck to do now!

Sephy is always very careful about approaching new things, he will sniff his food carefully before eating, and he tries to always “look before he leaps”. Shania and Lara are both more likely to leap first and worry later, if at all. πŸ˜€

Who is more intelligent?

I think they both are, but in very different ways. Shiba Sephy is more of a rogue and a scamp. In fact, he has used his brain power to great effect against his daycare custodians and his dog walker. Here is Shiba Inu Sephy’s resume.

Siberian Shania will usually work within the system. If you tell her to stop doing something, she will do so, and look for an alternate activity on her own.

3. Energy

My Siberian has A LOT more energy than my Shiba Inu.

Shania is frequently on the go. Even after a 2 hour hike in the hills, she is still going and going – just like the Energizer Bunny! This is even more amazing because she is a three legged dog.

She is always bugging my Shiba Inu to play with her, while he is usually pooped out and sunning his royal self.

If you live an active lifestyle, or want a good exercise coach – a Siberian Husky is a great walking and running partner.

If you prefer to hang out on the couch, then the Siberian will likely drive you crazy.

Shibas are easier to leash train and they require much less exercise. My Shiba gets a 1 hour walk in the morning, and a brief 20 minute walk in the evening and he is good the rest of the day.

4. Temperament

If you are looking for a friendly and affectionate dog, then Siberians are the way to go.

Shania loves being with people and will often come over and hang out with us. Shiba Sephy likes to have his people around in case he needs anything, but he prefers to be off by himself.

Siberian Shania likes scratch, hug, and pet sessions. She will roll onto her back and sometimes let her tongue just hang out. It is very goofy looking.

Shiba Sephy enjoys the occasional scratch session, but if you do it too frequently, he will just get up and walk away …

He is that cool! πŸ™‚

Shiba Inus are great guard dogs and are always on the alert. On the other hand, Siberians are happy to invite anyone and everyone into the house.

5. Vet Visits

Vet visits are never fun for any dog, but Shiba Sephy takes it to a whole new level.

He is fine in the waiting room, and he is fine hanging out in the examination room while Shania gets examined. However, woe be to you if you try to get near him or touch him in any way while at the vet’s office.

Shiba Sephy has to be anesthetized for any type of vet examination. One time he just sprained his toe while we were hiking, but he would not let anyone come near to examine him, or even just to look at it closely.

Siberian Shania does not really like to be poked and prodded either, but she is willing to endure a vet examination without muss or fuss. She takes her yearly shots like a champ, and gets to come home in short order. Poor Shiba Sephy has to be anesthetized, and stays over for at least half a day.

Shiba or Siberian?

Which do you think is better?

Shiba Sephy is a rogue, but a very sweet rogue. He shares all of his toys and resources with Shania, and often lets her use him as a fuzzy chew toy. He is usually careful while playing with her, and lets her win most of the time.

Siberian Shania is sweet and always ready to give licks. She loves people, loves getting affection, and is always up for play, a hike, a walk, or whatever activity you have planned for the day.

She is independent and enjoys spending time hunting for insects and squirrels in our backyard. She has never destroyed anything when left on her own, because she usually finds positive activities to keep herself occupied.

Shiba Sephy, on the other hand, is usually up to no good πŸ˜€

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  1. Alex Gonzalez says

    I loved this post! I came upon it while looking up relationships between shibas and huskies because we have a 3 year old Shiba named Bella and my mom wants to get a husky. It’s so funny reading this because my shiba is the complete opposite. We keep her outside because she actually prefers that instead of being inside. (we let her sleep inside over night in the winter though) we have a huge backyard and its all hers for her to run around in!! I usually just have to go out and play with her a bit and run around and that exercise is good enough to tire her out! It is really hard to take her on walks because she’s really impatient and wants to run off so the backyard is a great alternative to that. She’s extremely good at the vet, she loves going. Even the vets tell me that it’s odd because shibas usually cry and throw a fit at the vet but i was lucky enough to get one that matches my personality. I’m super chill and loooove watching movies and Bella is happy just laying on the couch with me while i rub her belly, and once i stop because i think she’s asleep, she looks up at me to let me know she isn’t and i continue the belly rubs. Love that you said you are owned by a Shiba Inu and a Siberian Husky because my shiba own me too! I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world!

    • Alex Gonzalez says

      by the way, love your pups! So adorable, Sephy looks exactly like my Bella, red collar and everything!

  2. Pat says

    Hi, thank you for this great web site! I have a question regarding my shiba in dog. He is 2.5 years old now and his behawior sort of changed within the last six months or so. He became more independent and would not come back to me when called after him. I can yell the size of my lungs and he will not return. Of course he wll watch me from a distance and never disappear for long but still he can be off in the neighborhood for a day or two. A few times he escaped from our garden. Each time the garden was perfectly check and secured but each time my shiba finds a way to run away. I started suspecting that he may either climb up the fancing net (it has small spaces on which he can put his paws and climb up). Or maybe he jumps over the fance. It is 5 feet high but who knows. Also, which is another problem, my shiba would not poop in the garden. I have to take him each time for a walk so that he does his business. Is it normal? I read someplace that shibas hate to pollute their space. Anyway, is there any possibility of training shiba at this age to return to me when called? I would be very grateful for your advice. Best regards!

  3. Megan says

    I have to say, I read every article you had before I got my Shiba puppy a year and a half ago, and your website has been a great help and resource for me! I have an 8 year old (yesterday) Husky named Apache that we thought needed a friend when he moved out of my in laws and in with my boyfriend shortly before we got my now 1 1/2 year old Shiba named Jax. My dogs are quite opposite of yours – my husky is incredibly lazy (though I’m sure that’s thanks to his age), and my shiba is a crazy little guy!
    After a LOT of misbehaving, to include urinating on my bed, referencing your website, and a major surgery involving having the head of his femur cut off (he had a congenital bone disease) my shiba has become a huge cuddle bug!
    Admittedly, the first three months he put me in tears of frustration many times thanks to his extremely smart and stubborn nature. I was sure I’d never get another Shiba if I survived him. Today, he is the love of my life. He sleeps right next to me, and has to be touching me if he’s laying near me.
    All of that being said, THANK YOU! Thank you for being a reliable and knowledgeable source for those of us who have breed specific questions!

  4. Anonymous says

    I can’t get over how happy I am to find your site. Your information is dead on, and after reading it is reassuring to me that my 2 dogs are “normal”. I have a 7 year old female Husky and a 5 year old male Shiba Inu (which I rescued 3 years ago) it was a challenge at first dealing with the aggression, but he has definitely changed most of his ways, which is good since I am in the process of rescuing a 1 1/2 year old male Husky. Do you have any insight about the addition and if my Shiba will protest another dog?

    • shibashake says

      Yeah, my Shiba (5 yo at the time) didn’t like it when we first brought home a second Husky pup. Some things that helped with my Shiba –
      1. I made sure to pick a dog that would suit his temperament, play style, etc. Sephy (male Shiba) is more on the dominant side so I made sure that both my Huskies are more submissive. Both my Huskies are also female and like the same style of wrestling as Sephy does.

      2. I try to maintain consistency and certainty. Sephy really needs a fixed routine so I made sure to set up a fixed routine for the new puppy and to keep Sephy’s routine as consistent and similar to his old routine as possible. This helps to create certainty, and certainty helps to reduce stress for everyone, especially Sephy.

      3. I set up clear rules for the new dog and supervise her closely. I make sure she leaves my other dogs alone when they do not want to be disturbed. I want to minimize negative interactions so that my existing dogs learn that the new pup will not degrade/overly disrupt their current quality of life.

      4. I try to maximize positive and rewarding instances. I do group obedience training, structured/supervised play, and more, so that my existing dogs learn that the new pup will be a big enhancement to their quality of life.

      More on what I do when introducing a new dog to my existing dogs.
      More on how I picked my second and third dogs.

      It took about 2 weeks before Sephy accepted Lara into his circle of trust.

    • Liz Gamache says

      Thank you so much, you have given me some great ideas. Keeping my Shibas routine and his relationship with me the same I think will have the best end result for all involved.

  5. says

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. This is what my husband and I’s near future family will look like so was nice to read about all the interactions etc. I do realised all dogs have their own personality, but I’m sure there is a lot there I will probably experience. Your two are simply gorgeous! And when you said fox/wolf – then it clicked why we want that pairing two. We were gratefully raised in nature and no matter how much we have been living in the city – haven’t lost that connection. Showing through our animal choices too. ha

    All the best!

  6. Chris says

    I don’t agree with you assessment of a Siberian as a dog that will “just invite anyone in”…In my experience that is far from the truth. Our husky wouldn’t let anyone within 20 feet of the porch.

    • shibashake says

      It is my understanding that Sibes are bred to have an affectionate nature, and that is certainly my experience with my Huskies. However, each dog is an individual and his behavior is driven not only by genetics but also by context, training, socialization, and past experiences.

      While capable of showing strong affection for his family, the Siberian Husky is not usually a one-man dog. He exhibits no fear or suspicion of strangers, and will greet guests cordially. This is not the temperament of a watchdog, although a Siberian Husky may unwittingly act as a deterrent to those ignorant of his true hospitable nature. If he lacks a fierce possessive instinct, he also lacks the aggressive quality which can sometimes cause trouble for the owner of an ill-trained or highly sensitive guard dog.
      ~~[Siberian Husky Club of America]

      While capable of strong affection for his family, the Siberian Husky is also very friendly with strangers. So, if you want the fierce loyalty of a one-man dog . . . don’t buy a Siberian.
      ~~[Siberian Husky Club of America]

    • Anonymous says

      My Siberian Husky Loves EveryonE Who Enters Our Home. He Wants To Jump And Play With Everyone.

  7. Amy says

    It’s so interesting to learn about everyone’s different experiences with shibas and huskies. I myself have a seven year old shiba that, while mischievous and untrustworthy off leash during her first three years, has grown into a calm, sweet girl. (A microchip and a tag with your number on it will save you from heartache). For most of her life she has had other dog friends and has never met another dog she didn’t like (submissive around dominant dogs). Now my pup has a new pekignese roommate, and while my shiba is content to curl up in her bed after a half hour walk, the peke will gladly spend all day in my lap. I had been considering adopting a husky before my pekignese adopted me and am wondering now how well a husky would get along with other (small non dominant) dogs. Have you had much experience introducing your two pups to other small, lap dog types?

    • shibashake says

      I currently do not have any house cats or small lapdogs.

      Lara has met little neighborhood dogs before and she seems fine with them. However, they were brief meetings and I did not let her play with them. In Lara’s case, I would be most concerned about the little dog getting accidentally hurt during play. Both my Huskies like wrestling and roughhousing, so a small dog may get overwhelmed with this kind of play.

      Huskies also have high prey drive, for example, both my Sibes are pretty crazy over cats. Based on what I have read and seen, they can be trained to live with house cats. I imagine the same will be true with small dogs, but there will need to be clear boundaries in terms of what is acceptable behavior and what is not, as well as a lot of supervision.

      Here is an interesting forum discussion on Sibes and small dogs-

  8. James says

    I have been researching and researching as much as I can about selecting between a Shiba Inu and Siberian Husky! Thanks so much for these tips. I have a few questions though. What are the exercise needs for Siberian Huskies? I hear so much about their energy level but have yet to find anything conclusive about how much exercise they need to be happy and avoid the bad habits associated with boredom! I know Huskies aren’t known to be great for first time dog owners but I’m preparing as best I can. Are mixed breeds common? I know it’s much more of a gamble with what you’re getting overall with the dog, but I’m curious if that’s known to cause any major health or behavioral problems (i.e.: A Siberian/Shiba)

    Thanks for your help!

    • shibashake says

      Husky Lara’s daily exercise –
      1. I walk Lara about 1.5 hours every day.
      2. She plays in the mornings and evenings with Sephy and Shania.
      3. She likes to dig, so we left a big portion of the backyard un-landscaped for her digging pleasure. She likes being outside so she spends a fair amount of time in the backyard chasing after birds and digging. We make sure our fence line is really secure so that she doesn’t dig her way out.
      4. She works for all of her food through interactive toys, grooming sessions, obedience, walks, play, etc.
      5. If she has energy left over, I play chase with her in the backyard or flirt pole. If I chase her, she sometimes starts doing zoomies in the backyard, which is fun to see. πŸ˜€

      Lara is currently over 2 years old.

      Both Huskies do not like the heat, and are less energetic in the summer. I make sure to keep them comfortable and cool inside the house.

      Are mixed breeds common? … I’m curious if that’s known to cause any major health or behavioral problems (i.e.: A Siberian/Shiba)

      It is difficult to find a good and responsible breeder for a mixed-breed. Not impossible, just a lot more difficult.

      It is the Kennel Clubs that have guidelines for responsible breeding, including for temperament, health, and more. Club breeders usually show their dogs, so they are careful about breeding a healthy line with good temperament. A show dog would need to enjoy or at least tolerate large crowds, and judges touching them all over. Club breeders will usually spend the time and effort to socialize their puppies early on, so that the pups get comfortable with people, new experiences, and more, thus preparing them for future shows.

      This is not to say that all pure-bred dogs are responsibly bred; there are many puppy mills that will breed whatever dogs are in demand, so that they can make a quick buck. However, if we want to buy a pure-bred dog, there are many Kennel Club resources that will help us find some responsible breeders.

      If I were interested in buying a mixed breed, I would look up Club breeders for each of those breeds, and talk to them to see if they have any Club friends who are crossbreeding the two. Otherwise, I would look into adoption, through Petfinder.

      Health and behavior are very dependent on responsible breeding, including health of the parent-line, temperament of the parent-line, early socialization, and proper care. Therefore, I would stay away from online puppy stores, pet stores, puppy mills, and backyard breeders.

      More on getting a dog.

      Good luck! Post us some pictures when you get your pup! πŸ˜€

    • James says

      amazing information! Thank you so much! I have found a shiba inu breeder in my town and plan to visit the facilities within the next couple of weeks! My only concern regarding the Shiba Inu would be peacefully living with a cat. In your experience would this breed accept cats if offered proper training, introduction, and resources for both animals, is this a reasonable goal?I cannot wait to have some pictures to show off in the near future! Thanks again.

  9. says

    Hi there! I was looking for some breed advice and came along your page, a massive help! I have a one year old Siberian called Ruby who was a rescue from a home with no time for her. Although I only work part time (the Fiance works enough for two of us!) , and always have something to occupy her, she seems lonely. What age would you recommend to put her with another dog? I am considering a Shiba as they seem to have had the most success stories with Sibes, but I’m still on the fence. I was thinking maybe in a few months? Besides, a Shiba would look adorable curled up with my baby girl! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give, feel free to contact me if you need more info!

    • shibashake says

      Love your stories about Ruby! What a super lucky girl and a beauty! Hope you will put up more pictures.

      In terms of a second dog, I waited for about a year after getting Shiba Sephy before I started looking around. I had a very difficult start with Sephy and I wanted to make sure that everything was ironed out before getting a companion for him. Otherwise, having two terrors would be very difficult to manage. πŸ˜€

      The year of extra time with Sephy also helped us with bonding. In the beginning, Sephy enjoyed the company of other dogs a lot more than the company of people, and we wanted to make sure that he learned to bond with people as well.

      Ruby sounds different though, so she may not need as long a duration. I think a good time to look for another dog is when we start to feel that our first dog is sleeping too much, being too lazy, and we actually have some free time again. πŸ˜‰

      Here are some things that I considered while looking for a second dog.

  10. Nikko says

    Looking for help and came upon your website..
    We have an almost 2 yr old shiba inu. He is very sweet but suffers from “allergies”. This has been going on since Nov 2011. Several vet visits. He mainly scratches at his tail area. Went to see derm vet.. He gave instructions to wipe Nikkos feet every time he comes in from outside. We bathe him in chlorhexidine wash. He is also on hills science diet….was on royal canine. Hasn’t ever seemed to have upset stomach…until now when I am trying to change to limited ingredient dog food. But since reading here and other sites….should prob go with grain free…as this might help his skin issues. I feel terrible that he has to wear clear cone 24/7…to keep from scratching. He has been wearing it for a few months now.He has been on several antibiotics. Is now on generic Atopica and fluconazole. I am going to try grain free….I see there are several you recommend. I just want him to be able to walk around like a normal dog. This allergy issue is really difficult Nikko is also on Trifexis preventative heart/flea/tick meds.. Our vet even advised us to maybe send Nikko to another state! I am beginning to think the vet doesn’t know much about trying grain free instead of hypoallergenic rx foods….or shiba inu breed? The vet always wants to give him steroid shots.
    Does this sound like anything you have experienced?

    • shibashake says

      Hmmm, no this is not really something I have experienced with Sephy. He had some food allergies when he was young (to wheat), but it wasn’t very serious and went away once we changed his diet.

      What did the derm vet say? It sounds like Nikko’s allergies is to the environment? Is he allergic to grass? Still, it is strange that a grass allergy would be around his tail area. Is it at the base of his tail or all over? Is it only his tail area that itches? Is there hair loss? Did the vet do a skin check for parasites?

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you for your response. it is at the base of his tail and is on the tail. (the vet also recommends getting his anal glands expressed) The derm vet did several skin tests..ringworm etc. We have not done full allergy test yet…where they shave his side…due to financial reasons…it is very expensive. So I don’t know if he is allergic to grass. The derm vet thought it might be flea allergy too…we were alternating every two weeks of flea treatment…..but he still has the hot spots/scratching his tail area. Now his tail is straight out…where it used to be curled. The regular vet is the one who advised us to try to send Nikko to another state……we live in Texas. I am hoping that I will be able to help Nikko get better without losing him….I would miss him terribly…but also want him to be healthy. We have started the grain free diet…we chose Core Wellness (fish)because it is easy to get in our area. Once we do the allergy test, that will answer a lot of questions.
      I want to thank you for all of the work you have put into your website….I have learned so much and because of the things I have learned I am a better shiba parent. I only wish I found it sooner. Many blessings to you and your canine crew : – )

    • shibashake says

      The derm vet thought it might be flea allergy too…we were alternating every two weeks of flea treatment…..but he still has the hot spots/scratching his tail area.

      Yeah, we use a tick and flea prevention product as well. They are not 100% effective though. I still find ticks on my dogs, and there was once where Lara got a few fleas on her. I saw her itching on her hind area, and found a couple of fleas after carefully examining her coat. They are visible to the eye, so now I check for them. We also got a flea comb. Lara likes digging and hunting for earth critters, so I think the fleas came from that.

      During tick season, I also reduce our hikes in the surrounding hill area. We do walks in the neighborhood instead so there is less chance of getting the stuff.

      Thanks for sharing Nikko’s experiences with us. Please let us know how it turns out, in case others run into similar allergy issues.

  11. WRPrintz says

    GREAT advice and insight. – BB (as in a little BB gun) is my Shiba and she is a handful…I know other Shiba’s…and I am waiting for the aloof part to kick in, as she would like me to pet her all day (very rare, from what I see). No scream as of yet…I will keep an ear out for that.


    • shibashake says

      I am waiting for the aloof part to kick in, as she would like me to pet her all day

      Awww, I am jealous. Need to get some of her affectionate DNA into Sephy.

      And no screams?! Are you sure she is a Shiba? πŸ˜‰

    • shibashake says

      Yeah, my Sibes are two of my best friends. They are always ready of fun, and can quickly cheer me up when I am unhappy. Truly wonderful personalities and cute as can be! πŸ˜€

  12. says

    My bf and I are planning to get our 2nd dog (of his choice since I choose our 1st) and at first he was insisting on that we get a husky although I tried explaining that it would be very hard for us to realistically to have such a big dog that also needs lots ans lots of exercise. However, he was very persistent on the husky until he met a few Shibas at the dog park we go to. Now, he’s totally sold on the Shiba. I’m so happy I stumbled upon you blog since you have both breeds he’s so in love with. He’ll definitely get hooked on your blog =D

    • shibashake says

      Thank you very much Kikki. πŸ˜€

      Big hugs to your current furry one. What breed is he?

  13. Pat says

    Hi, lovely dogs! I have a question. I am planning to get myself this royal rogue Shiba Inu but wonder how much of running he likes. I ride a bike 2-3 times a week doing some 20 km a time. Is it okay for a shiba to take him for a ride like this? Is 20 km not too long distance for him? How fast is too fast for shiba? Will he follow if I ride like 30 km per hour? I’d be grateful for your advice. Thanks!

    • Pat says

      Thank you for the advice πŸ™‚ And how is it with husky and bike?
      Is he better in terms on focusing on the running? And not on the
      surroundings? πŸ™‚ I am still wondering if husky won’t be a better choice?
      Also I read that huskies are more gentle and loving and like to be petted.
      As if they needed more attention? Which breed is easier to train? And which, husky
      or shiba in your opionion binds closer with us humans?
      I’d be grateful for your opinion!
      Thank you once again! πŸ™‚

    • shibashake says

      Hello Pat,

      1. Apartment Living

      like most of us I spend 8 hours at work any my husky would have to manage somehow home alone. And my flat is small.

      I think a Shiba would be more suited to apartment living. Both my Huskies like being outside, and they spend a fair amount of time in the backyard playing, chasing squirrels, etc. Shiba Sephy prefers to stay in the house. He will go out sometimes, but usually only for short periods of time.

      A young Sibe has a lot of energy, and will be more likely to chew up stuff or try to escape.

      2. Dog Fur Allergies

      Both breeds shed a lot. I think this will become a big problem if you have dog fur allergies.

      3. Affection and Loyalty

      My Sibes are a lot more affectionate, but my Shiba is a lot more loyal. My Sibes like being with people, and they like getting attention from people. They are friendly to all the people they see, and will happily go home with whomever gives them cookies.

      My Shiba is more aloof, and does not enjoy as much affection. However, he is loyal and will only come home with us, even when there may be cookies offered elsewhere.

      4. Training

      I find my Sibes to be easier to train overall. They are less stubborn, more motivated by food, and love interacting with people. On the other hand, my Sibes also have much stronger prey drive than my Shiba. They will often go rear-brain when they see a running squirrel, cat, or deer. My Shiba is smaller and less reactive to running prey, so it was easier to leash-train him.

      Based on all that you have said, I would consider widening your search to other breeds. Most importantly, I would focus on finding a breed that sheds less, so that dog fur allergies will be less of an issue. I am a bit allergic to cat fur. I can pet cats and be with them for fairly long periods of time, however, living with them is very different. One time, I was staying over at a friend’s place (who has cats), and it was very difficult. I woke up in the middle of the night because of allergies, and could not sleep after. I was a mess in the morning.

      A smaller dog with medium energy, would probably fit in well to apartment living, and still be able to participate in some outdoor activities.

      It is easier to regulate the amount of outdoor activity, than it is to control fur allergy reactions, and every day living constraints.

      Anyway, this is only based on my own experiences, so take it for what it is. Hope this helps and good luck in your dog search! πŸ˜€

    • pat says

      Thank you once again! I guess that I already fell in love wit shiba:) I will keep you informed when I finally get one and surely will be back with more questions πŸ™‚

  14. quintin says

    I have a question. okay, so if i am available to spend time with my dog at least 4 hours or more out of the entire day normally and weekends included. But i would prefer an independent dog who can handle themselves but not too prissy or independent to not greet me as i come inside the door. i dont want a destructive dog either. i dont care if my dog normally doesnt get along with or need other human affection, as long as he doesnt attack my friends and he knows i am boss. so my question is, which do you think will be better, if i want more of an independent dog, i am in an apartment, and i want them to be loyal. Either a Husky, a Shibu, or a different breed all together?

    • shibashake says

      Siberian Huskies are very high energy and need a lot of activity every day. They are also big time diggers, and like being outside. Sibes will not do well in an apartment all day. They are usually very affectionate and both my Sibes love being around people (i.e., not a one-person type of dog). They are also independent minded, which means they are not a yes-sir-no-sir type of breed.

      Shiba Inus have medium energy but also need activity every day. Unlike Sibes, they are aloof and do not usually want too much human affection. My Shiba enjoys being indoors most of the time. However, Shibas are very stubborn and even more independent than Sibes. They are definitely not an “obey your every command” type of dog. Shibas are often known as a dog that is more like a cat. Cats are their own boss and so is a Shiba.

      Dogs get destructive when they become bored, do not get enough exercise, and/or feel stressed or anxious. Any dog can get destructive if not properly trained, exercised, and fulfilled. Higher energy dogs will need more exercise. Independent minded dogs will be more of a challenge to train and may not always follow all commands.

  15. Phil Brangers says

    We have a 1yr old Husky/Shiba Mix. Its almost hilarious to read this and see how much she shows the best and worst of both breeds.

  16. ShibaHuskyMutt says

    I found your site when looking up information about the Shiba Inu. To my surprise you had a page comparing your Shiba and Husky. Just a few days ago I got the results back from DNA testing my dog and we found out she has Shiba Inu AND the Husky in her DNA. I found this amusing because when we adopted her we were told she was a Shephard/Rottie mix. My Zoey appears to have more the personality and temperament of a Shiba, except when it comes to attention she is more like a Husky. She loves attention and wants to be petted for hours on end. We love her so much and she is an amazing dog, aside from her anxieties while outside. Everything seems to freak her out and she is on constant guard and cannot relax. And heaven forbid she see anything (kids, animals, people), then she goes into a screaming, shaking fit. Not sure if that is a product of what she was exposed to before she was abandoned at the shelter or if that is a common Shiba reaction. Anyway, thank you for all the information. This site was informational, as well as entertaining.

    You have beautiful dogs!! Take care!

    • shibashake says

      Thanks Laura.

      My Zoey appears to have more the personality and temperament of a Shiba, except when it comes to attention she is more like a Husky.

      That is awesome! My Shiba is actually a bit better about that now, simply from being in close proximity to my Siberian. πŸ˜€ Still though, he is very aloof by dog standards.

      My Sibe is also shy and a bit fearful – especially of loud noises. For example she really does not like the garbage truck. Doing distance desensitization work really helped with that. She still does not like the truck but at least now she doesn’t try to flee with all her might which is quite great. πŸ˜€

      Big HUGS to Zoey.

  17. Gordon says

    Very interesting article, I’m really surprised since my shiba is very different in many aspects. Although he may have been mischievous as a puppy, he has completely changed and has become a very calm dog as he grew up. This change may have been due to an unfortunate leg that included a fractured tibia, hip displasia, and a luxated patella, which made him basically immobile for a good portion of his puppy years, but he is now a very friendly dog. He may be alert, but he never barks at strangers, he loves being petted and is an attention whore from anyone who will give him a minute. He loves going to the vet, and will allow the vet do anything but take his temperature.

    But, this just goes to show that every dog has a personality of their own, I love my shiba even though he doesn’t act like a typical mischievous fox :D. thanks for the good read

  18. Katie says

    They are beautiful. I an 8 year old male Shiba and had a Siberia Husky who would have been 8 this month. We got them both as puppies and they grew up to become best friends. Unfortunately my Husky passed away this year from congenital kidney failure. I have never met anyone who also had both breeds. I am shocked to see that not only do our pups look so much alike with similar markings but are also in the same position/action as my dogs in several of our photos. Good Luck with them and may they live a long and healthy life.

    • shibashake says

      Hello Katie,

      We got them both as puppies and they grew up to become best friends.

      Yeah that is exactly how Sephy and Shania are like. Shiba Sephy is probably the more needy one. He is always making sure that Shania is ok, and when she stays outside for too long, he will go out into the backyard to fetch her. πŸ˜€

      but are also in the same position/action as my dogs in several of our photos.

      That would be great to see! Would love to see some of their pictures when you have the time.

      Good Luck with them and may they live a long and healthy life.

      Thank you very much. I am very attached to my Sibe girl, Shania. Whenever I get sad, she would come over, lick my face, and lie next to me. Shiba on the other hand is off somewhere doing his important Shiba business.

      What are the names of your dogs? Would love to hear more about them.

  19. Lorena says

    We are new to this whole Shiba thing having rescued a puppy mill Shiba in December. We refer to Diego as our PTSD dog. In spite of a very rough first 7 years (!), he is settling in to domestic life very well. He sleeps on the couch or bed, plays with the Brittany in the backyard, avoids the cats and nibbles on the occasional shoe. He makes some very loud and interesting noises but I don’t think we have been treated to the Shiba scream. He occasionally wakes himself out of a sound sleep with his coyote yelp, but he only makes that sound in his sleep. All in all, he is a delightful little guy and develops more confidence every day.

    • shibashake says

      Hi Lorena,
      Thanks for sharing Diego’s story with us. He sounds absolutely awesome!

      Gotta hate puppy mills. Good for you for adopting a rescue puppy mill dog.

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