Are You a Good Dog Owner?

What does it mean to be a good dog owner?

1. Dog Chef

Some people would say a good dog owner is someone who gets the best ingredients, and cooks gourmet food for their dog. Most dogs really like food, so perhaps the best way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach.  

2. Dog Designer

Others would say a good dog owner is someone who gets the best toys, designer clothing, and designer furniture for their dog. After all, wouldn’t living in style make any canine happy?

3. Dog Trainer

But often times, we perceive the best dog owners as the ones with the most obedient dogs. These dogs look upon their owners for direction on what to do, and follow every movement and command with great precision, and speed.

4. Dog Exercise Coach

Many would argue that the best dog owners are the ones who exercise their dog both mentally and physically. Like postmen, these owners would walk their dogs twice daily; in rain, shine, snow, or sleet. A well-exercised dog is a good and happy dog, right?

5. Dog Listener

I personally think that there is no right answer; or perhaps the right answer is all of the above, and more. 

I think a good dog owner is someone who listens to their dog and tries to understand what their canine desires are.

Then this listener would have to balance those desires with safety concerns, health concerns, and make the best decisions not just for the dog, but for everyone in the family.

Some dogs may desire to eat everything in sight, but this would result in an obese and unhealthy dog. Dog desires, must therefore, be tempered with long-term health and safety issues.

Similarly, spoiling the dog at the expense of everyone else in the family is not the right answer either. This will likely create a divided home where no one is really happy, not even the dog.

Are you a good dog owner?

Only you can decide. 

  • Do you care about your dog’s welfare and needs?
  • Are you willing to make sacrifices for your dog?
  • Are you willing to learn and change for your dog?

A dog gives us much, so we should try to give him our very best in return.

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  1. says

    @Kallie I hope you get this message. If you want to make your dad confident in allowing you to get a dog you should use the Internet and learn everything you can about dogs.

    * Food they can and can’t eat
    * Basic training dog commands
    * Different breeds and their behaviors
    * Cost of dog ownership

    Just a few things for you to learn and then inform your dad so he see’s you are committed. Good luck!

  2. says

    Listening, providing exercise activities & toys for your dog is very important. I love when my dog sits by the dog and moans, letting me know its time to use the bathroom. We go on 3-4 walks a day and he loves his toys.

    I feel I’m a good dog owner but there is always room for improvement. 🙂

    • shibashake says

      I feel I’m a good dog owner but there is always room for improvement.

      I really like that! I feel the same way. 😀

  3. says

    I am only 11 years old. I really want a puppy, and my mom wants me to get one. My dad doesn’t think I’m old enough. My mom says if I get my grades higher, I can get a puppy on my birthday. I can’t wait that long!!!!! What should I do????

    • shibashake says

      Hello Kallie,
      I know it can be difficult to wait. When I was about your age I wanted a puppy very badly as well. Here is the story of my first puppy.

      One fun thing you can do is visit a nearby SPCA or dog shelter with your parents and talk to the people there. They usually know a lot about dogs. This will also give you the opportunity to start interacting with a variety of different dogs so you can see which ones you like best.

  4. Winton says

    I read the article and from my point of view I have to disagree with one and two. I don’t think one and two are right because instead of those things my dog prefers to spend time with me. It’s just from my point of view our dog would rather have the family close to him rather than having designer toys, or good food. When were home he happily munches his kibble and then proceeds to chew a rubber ball. (We buy him good toys though)

    • shibashake says

      Hello Winton,

      our dog would rather have the family close to him rather than having designer toys, or good food.

      I agree with you. I don’t think dogs care much about how expensive a toy is as long as the toy it is fun and engaging. For example, my dogs love tearing up cardboard boxes. Of course it is also important to make sure that the toy is safe. As you say though, getting to be with and play with their family is usually better than any toy.

      As for food, I think that is more important for health reasons. For example, both my dogs are allergic to various things that are commonly found in regular dog food. I finally settled on a grain-free, high protein kibble. There is also the raw-diet debate which is interesting to consider.

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