Comments on: WordPress Custom Widgets Plugin Adventures in WordPress Fri, 21 Aug 2015 02:27:40 +0000 hourly 1 By: John Blair Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:59:19 +0000 Oh my God, finally I’ve found it! I’m looking for a plugin like this about 7 months ago but can’t find it.

I am really exited about this plugin. It match to what I want, I’ve been looking for a plugin like Shiba Widgets because I can set related articles within sidebar or even rotating related products to offer.

Also, this could make a better user-experience because they found related information they are looking for. I knew many “related articles plugin” can do this in the bottom of the articles, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I want an eye catching recommendation in the side bar, Shiba Widgets & Q2W3 Fixed Widget will be the best plugin set to do this.

Am I writing an article here? LOL

I’m planning to re-customize my sidebar widget Now.

Thanks for creating such a great plugin ShibaShake! Two thumbs up from me :)

By: ShibaShake Tue, 04 Feb 2014 21:40:48 +0000 Thank you Bill. I will add this onto my update-list and consider the other things as well.

By: Bill Murray Tue, 04 Feb 2014 03:51:14 +0000 Hi again. I know you said you’re busy with other projects, and hope you get back to WP plugins when time permits. You’ve got some good stuff here.

I just wanted to give you a heads up on another issue our team discovered at the intersection of Shiba Widgets with widget visibility in Jetpack. You can follow the discussion here:

The takeaway is that you need to add a priority to a filter so Shiba Widgets does its thing later in the load process; otherwise, a warning gets triggered.

Also, I recall reading some time ago about the history of why your plugins are not on the WP repo. I wish you’d reconsider not putting them there. If there’s anything we can do to facilitate that, happy to help out in any way we can. GitHub is another option, and you might get others to propose some of these minor fixes, which would benefit your users.

By: ShibaShake Mon, 27 Jan 2014 22:55:59 +0000 Thanks for letting me know Bill. I will look into this for the next update. At the moment, I am really busy with other projects, so it may be a while before I return to WP programming.

By: Bill Murray Sun, 26 Jan 2014 05:01:25 +0000 Hi there. Very nice plugin. We have a user who is using it on our WP multisite network with the domain mapping plugin. Lines 44-45 of shiba-widgets.php use the constant WP_PLUGIN_DIR. The domain mapping plugin uses the plugins_url filter (around line 652 if you’re looking) to set the plugin url to the mapped domain, but I think your use of the constant prevents that from having the desired impact. As a result, the reference to shiba-widget.css is to the subdomain/subfolder, not the mapped domain as the DM plugin intends and should be the case. See and on avoiding using a constant like WP_PLUGIN_DIR.

Thoughts on replacing the constant so DM can do its thing?

By: Chinzs Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:53:52 +0000 Dear ShibaShake

Really thank you for your kind assistance.
I still can’t get it work.
I’ll get around to figure it through after i’ve done other customization to the website.

By: ShibaShake Thu, 09 Jan 2014 16:55:55 +0000 Did you create a widget set for twenty twelve and then specifically assign it to a post? I just tested it on my site and everything works fine on Twenty Twelve.

1. Turn off the plugin, activate 2012, and assign widgets normally. Test to see if the sidebar appears.
2. Turn on the plugin, create a widget set for 2012, and assign it to a particular post. Test to see if the sidebar appears.

By: Chinzs Thu, 09 Jan 2014 13:56:45 +0000 erm no, the default theme eg. twenty twelve or twenty thirteen is not even showing any sidebar

By: ShibaShake Wed, 08 Jan 2014 22:13:16 +0000 Does it work on a default theme?

By: Chinzs Wed, 08 Jan 2014 13:29:10 +0000 Hi

Was wondering if can help out.
Installed Shiba, created a widget set, assigned to certain page but it ain’t working. The certain page eg. my account page is showing the default sidebar.

Anyone encounter this before?

Thank you.