WordPress Gallery Plugin

The Shiba Gallery Plugin allows you to display a variety of javascript galleries within your WordPress blog. All you need to do is specify the type of gallery you want in your regular WordPress gallery shortcode.

The Shiba Gallery is very flexible and can render post, page, and gallery objects, in addition to image attachments. This article describes some of the cool things that you can achieve with the Shiba Gallery.

[gallery id="10" type="tiny2" size="large" frame="white" tsize="none" autoplay="1"]

[Shiba Gallery Change-Log]

May 3rd, 2014 – Shiba Gallery 4.4

  • Updated plugin paths.
  • Added clen as a gallery shortcode attribute for controlling caption length on a gallery by gallery basis.
  • Fixed a bunch of gallery CSS styles.
  • Remove device check for slimbox javascript.
  • Noobslide now using mootools 1.4.5.
  • Updated for WordPress 3.9.
  • Tested on Chrome, Safari, IE 11.

This is a very big update, so definitely test first before deploying.

More sample galleries.

Javascript Galleries Supported

Currently, the Shiba WordPress Gallery Plugin includes the following gorgeous Javascript libraries –

TinySlideshow by Michael Leigeber.

Tiny Slideshow is a very slick looking inline gallery that allows users to scroll through the images, or enjoy them in an automatic slideshow mode.

[gallery id=10 type="tiny" caption="title" size="(600, 400)" crop="1" responsive="aspect"]

NoobSlide from EfectoRelativo.net

There is one word to describe the NoobSlide Gallery – Awesome!

If I had two words, I would say Simply Awesome!

With NoobSlide you can easily combine together various gallery type components to create a range of compelling gallery styles.

For example, to the right I have created a NoobSlide version of Galleria. At the bottom I have created a NoobSlide version of SlideViewer.

[gallery id=10 type="noobslide_galleria"]
[gallery id=10 type="noobslide_slideviewer" responsive="aspect"]

Lightbox by Lokesh Dhakar.

Original lightbox gallery. It uses jquery and sizes properly based on browser window.

[gallery id=8162 type=lightbox size="thumbnail" caption="none"]

Slimbox by Christophe Beyls.

Slimbox is an efficient version of Lightbox that is solely based on jQuery. Slimbox will now be used in place of Lytebox.

[gallery id=8162 type=slimbox size="thumbnail" caption="none"]

Lytebox by Markus F. Hay.

Lytebox is not as efficient as Slimbox but it will resize images that are larger than the browser screen.

[gallery id=8162 type=lytebox size="(120,120)" caption="none"]

Popeye 2.0 Gallery by Christoph Schüßler.

Popeye is an awesome inline gallery that allows you to expand images in-place. It also has some very well styled frames which we have also included in the Shiba Gallery Plugin.

[gallery id=10 type=popeye]

Galleria by Aino.

Galleria is a very professional looking image gallery. It is also fast, simple, and easy to use. The classic version shown here is very similar to Tiny Slideshow in terms of functionality. However, there are a variety of other themes that can be bought at the Galleria site that offers many alternative functions and views.

[gallery id=10 type="galleria"]

Navigation List by ShibaShake

A simple list of posts or pages including their thumbnails, associated links, and a short summary. A good way to create a navigation page or navigation widget.

[gallery type="navlist" recent="1" numberposts="5" caption="description" ]

WordPress Native Gallery

The WordPress native gallery is also supported. Just specify the type as native.

[gallery id=10 type=native size="thumbnail" responsive="aspect"]

Expanded WordPress Native Gallery

The previous expanded WordPress Native Gallery has been replaced with the NoobSlide NativeX gallery. It contains thumbnails just as before, but also has a nice preview image and description panel. This gallery is most useful when displaying post, page, or gallery objects.

Just specify the type as noobslide_nativex.

[gallery id=1688 type="noobslide_nativex" size="medium"]

Custom Image Size

You can specify the image size that you want using the standard WordPress gallery shortcode tags – full, large, medium, thumbnail. These sizes are set under Settings >> Media.

Alternatively, you can also specify your own custom size.

[gallery id="1969" type="galleria" size="(300,225)"]

Shiba Gallery Plugin Expanded Short-Codes

  • category – List of comma separated category ids to include in the gallery.
  • [gallery category="109" type="nativex"]
  • tag – List of comma separated tag slugs to include in the gallery.
  • [gallery tag="tag-a,tag-b,tag-c"]
  • tag_and – Same as above except this allows you to perform an AND operation instead of an OR. It will only return images that contain ALL of the tags in your list.
  • [gallery tag_and="tag-a,tag-b,tag-c"]
  • recent – List of recent articles.
  • [gallery recent="1"]
  • numberposts – Number of objects to include in the gallery.
  • [gallery category="10" numberposts="15"]
  • page – Which page of gallery objects to show. It is used in conjunction with numberposts to enable gallery paging.
  • [gallery category="10" numberposts="5" page="2"]
  • post_type – The type of objects to include (post, page, gallery, attachment, or any).
  • [gallery category="109" type="nativex" numberposts="15" post_type="post"]
  • responsive – Specifies whether gallery should be client responsive [none, aspect, width]. Width adjusts the width of the gallery while keeping height constant. Aspect adjusts both width and height of gallery to maintain its aspect ratio. More on client responsive options.
  • [gallery category="109" responsive="aspect" type="tiny"]
  • tsize – Specify thumbnail size. Set tsize=”none” for no thumbnails.
  • [gallery category="109" tsize="(54,54)" type="tiny"]
  • frame – The type of frame to use for the gallery. Current frames include none, green, blue, gray, shadow, black, white, and border. Here are some example galleries with the different frames.
  • [gallery category="10" frame="green"]
  • link – What to use as the gallery caption and image links. Current link options include none, attachment, file, slimbox or lytebox.
  • [gallery category="10" link="none"]
  • caption – What to use as the image captions. Current caption options include none, title, description, or permanent. More detail on the different gallery caption options.
  • [gallery category="10" caption="description"]
  • cpos – Positions the gallery caption to the [bottom, top, left, right].
  • [gallery category="109" cpos="bottom"]
  • clen – Specifies maximum caption length for the gallery.
  • [gallery category="109" clen="500"]
  • crop – Crops images in gallery.
  • [gallery category="109" crop="1"]
  • active – Specifies whether images in the gallery are active, i.e. whether the images act as links.
  • [gallery category="109" active="1"]
  • autoplay – Automatically scroll through the gallery. Any manual user action will stop autoplay.
  • [gallery category="109" autoplay="1"]

Only one of include, category, tag, recent, or id will be used. Include will be checked first, followed by category, followed by tag, and then recent. If none of these are set, id will be used.

Shiba Gallery Default Options

You can specify a default gallery type by going to Media >> Shiba Gallery.

From this screen you may also set the default thumbnail picture, default frame, and default captions. There is also a check box in the Default Frame section that specifies whether this default frame should also be applied to images in your blog.

The default gallery image will be used for posts and galleries that have no thumbnails assigned to them. If you do not have a default image, the plugin will just display an empty black image.

Show Shiba Galleries in Your Widget Areas

To show shiba galleries in your widget areas, simply enable gallery shortcodes for text widgets.

// Add to the init function of your functions.php file
add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Call Shiba Gallery Directly from PHP

If we want to call Shiba Gallery directly from PHP rather than use the WordPress gallery shortcode, we may do the following –

global $shiba_gallery;
echo $shiba_gallery->parse_gallery_shortcode("", array('id' => "10"));

Shiba Gallery Plugin Updates

Shiba Gallery 4.3.3

Sept 23rd, 2013

  • Added lightbox 2 gallery by Lokesh Dhakar.
  • Fixed sizing bug that occurs when server responsive option is turned off. Thanks to Susan for reporting this.
  • Assign better option default values based on gallery type.

Shiba Gallery 4.3

Sept 18th, 2013

  • Shiba Gallery is now both client and server responsive. Server responsiveness allows the server to send the right sized images based on device width. Client responsiveness allows image size to change based on browser width.
    [More on mobile responsive galleries and images]
  • Gallery images and links can now be tied to slimbox or lytebox.
  • Added new gallery shortcode attributes – crop, active, and cpos.
  • Create a slimbox gallery based on captioned images within a post.
  • Updated Shiba Gallery settings page.
  • Updated for WordPress 3.6.
  • Cleaned up styles and fixed a bunch of bugs.

Shiba Gallery 4.0

Jan 12th, 2013

  • Galleries and captioned images are now mobile responsive! The plugin uses device width to determine gallery and image sizes.

    To turn on the mobile responsive feature, go to Media >> Shiba Gallery, scroll down to the bottom, and click on the “Enable responsive galleries and images” checkbox.

    [More on mobile responsive galleries and images and what is used in this plugin]

  • Updated for WordPress 3.5.
  • Updated Tinyslideshow to version 2. The old version is still available by using type=”tiny1″
  • Fixed noobslide fast clicks causing thumbnails and images to get out of sync.
  • Collect galleria styles into the main css file.
  • Options page is now encapsulated in a class wrapper and also uses the 3.5 new media manager.
  • Removed Pslides. There are customization limitations, and the plugin already contains several thumbnail galleries including tiny1, tiny2, galleria, and noobslide.
  • A whole bunch of other fixes.

Shiba Gallery 3.7.2

Aug 7th, 2012

  • Updated for WordPress 3.4. Fixed default image pop-up menu.
  • Updated Shiba Gallery options page with more standardized permissions check.

Shiba Gallery 3.7

May 7th, 2012

  • Control thumbnail size. Specify thumbnail size using the tsize parameter. Works with Tiny Slideshow, Picture Slides, and Noobslide.
  • Galleria. A new version of Galleria has been added back to the plugin.
  • Navigation List. Useful for displaying a set of related posts or pages together with thumbnails, links, and article summaries.
  • Default value filter. Hook into the shiba_gallery_defaults filter to alter gallery default values.
  • IE8 and IE7 compability. Fixed several IE8 and IE7 compatibility issues. All galleries should now work on these browsers.

Shiba Gallery 3.5

February 15th, 2011

  • Gallery links. You now have the option to set your gallery links to file, attachment, or none.
  • Expanded WordPress captions. The standard WordPress caption shortcode has been expanded to deal with images and galleries.
  • Lytebox. The Lytebox gallery has been added back to the plugin because it resizes large images according to the browser screen whereas Slimbox does not.
  • Apostrophe in Titles. Galleries should function properly even if images have the apostrophe symbol in their titles.

Shiba Gallery 3.3

December 2nd, 2010
This is a big release with many new features.

  • Gallery frames. You may now assign a variety of styled frames to your WordPress galleries and images.
  • Gallery captions. You may now turn gallery captions on and off, as well as show image titles and descriptions.
  • Gallery paging. The page attribute is now supported in the gallery shortcode. You may easily enable gallery paging by setting numberposts and page in your gallery shortcode.
  • Gallery default options. There is now a gallery options page under Media >> Shiba Gallery. This screen allows you to set default frames, gallery types, captions, and thumbnail.
  • New galleries. Some exciting new galleries have been added including Popeye 2.0, Picture Slides, and Slimbox.
  • Gallery javascripts are now loaded at the end of the page and only as needed. If no galleries are used, then no gallery javascripts will be loaded. This will help improve page efficiency.

Shiba Gallery Plugin 3.1

April 6th, 2010

  • Plugin has been modularized and all functions are encapsulated within wrapper classes.
  • I have also integrated Shiba Gallery with the awesome YARPP plugin for showing related articles. By simply using the related tag in your gallery shortcode you may view YARPP results using any of the javascript galleries within the Shiba plugin.

Shiba Gallery Plugin 3.0

  • The Shiba Gallery Plugin has been significantly enhanced in this release with the inclusion of NoobSlide; one of the most versatile, compelling, and well-constructed Javascript galleries I have come across.
  • With NoobSlide, I was able to construct galleries that are similar in style to the previous Galleria, SlideViewer, and NativeX gallery types. Execution of galleries are now a lot faster, smoother, efficient, and clean.
  • I have replaced –
  • There is no longer any need for iframes, or background-image resizing operations. This makes the plugin faster, cleaner, and more secure.

Shiba Gallery 2.7.3

February 15th, 2010

  • There is a Fatal error bug in the Shiba Gallery 2.7 release. This is due to a missing function in the plugin. I have fixed it in the latest patch 2.7.3. Please download this important patch.
  • Many thanks to Jacob for detecting and reporting it so quickly.

Shiba Gallery Plugin 2.7

  • You can now render post, page, and gallery objects using any of the gallery types. Some new gallery short-code options have been added to facilitate this new capability.
  • We also expanded the WordPress native gallery and added it as a new gallery type (type=”nativex”).

Shiba Gallery Plugin 2.5

Shiba Gallery Plugin 2.0

  • Galleria now works on Google Chrome. It is Schweet!

Shiba Gallery Plugin 1.0

  • Detailed description of the Shiba Gallery Plugin with examples.

Future Additions

If you are particularly impressed with a Javascript gallery, please let me know and I will look into including it within the Shiba Gallery Plugin.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or compatibility issues. This will help me to improve the plugin and update the compatibility list above.

Thanks to all the Javascript library authors for sharing their very awesome gallery scripts with us!

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  1. says

    So I click the checkbox, and I think it used to work, but on my iPad 2 in portrait the galleries do not resize properly. Landscape looks fine. Portrait the gallery overlaps my sidebar. Help, please?

  2. Hugh says

    This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. But when i go in to Media -> Shiba Gallery I get the error:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /var/www/my-domain.com/test/wp-content/plugins/shiba-gallery/shiba-gallery-options.php on line 36”
    Any ideas why that happens or what is wrong?
    I’m using wordpress 3.4.2 and a custom them with widgets and custome menu

  3. says

    Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve needed any help. I’ve been using your plug in for a long time, have always liked the way it added a customized effect.

    I was wondering if you could take a look at my recent problem.

    When I call for the Shiba at the end of posts I have no issues

    I recently tested the noobslide which are used to create mini-blogs and the plugin freezes
    my post command is:
    [gallery recent="1" font-size:14 numberposts="15" gallery type="noobslide_8" size="(150,150)"]

    I’m not sure what is causing the freeze issue

    I’m reluctant to upgrade your plugin plugin or YARRP since whenever I did in the past the errors started to fly in.

    Wp 3.4
    Shiba Galery 3.5.1
    YARPP 3.21



    • says

      Hmmm, the page is freezing because somehow the first gallery object, noobslide1 is missing. Also, the next and previous post links are showing up a bit differently. Did you make modifications to the gallery?

      Probably the best thing to do is to update both plugins on a test site (without modifications) and test things out there on a default theme.

      Also, I would try taking out font-size and use just type instead of gallery type.
      [gallery recent="1" numberposts="15" type="noobslide_8" size="(150,150)"]

      Let me know how it goes.

      • says

        Hi …thanks for the quick reply… I tried editing out the font size, but that had no effect. I never made in modifications to the galley that I remember, but it is of.

        What did you mean that the gallery object noobslide1 is missing ?

        The other peculiar thing is that a mouse click on the arrows of next keys do not work. I think I’ll see if any other plug in is causing an issue and maybe reload a few files.

        I’ll keep you posted….


  4. Bruno says

    Thx for the plugin, it is exactly what Im looking for, but:

    I need help, Im trying to use it with Delicate Theme from Elegant Themes and Shiba is breaking the slideshows from the initial page.

  5. Naren says

    Hi, amazing plugin…I like it..

    But I want some change in “pslides”. if any one click on image than it will open with light-box, ya I wann the pslides effect as it is..
    so, how can i do that..?? plz help me..

    • Sanja says

      @Naren – I am helping my friend to build the page, and we all love the Shiba plugin so much but this question pops up several times :
      is it possible with noobslide (or pslides) that click on image title would open image with slimbox/lightbox effect?

      If you manage to do that would you be so kind to post how you did it.

  6. Howard Davis says

    Hi, I’m building an artist gallery website in WordPress PressWork and love the drop-shadow feature in the Shiba gallery plugin. It seems to work fine with Chrome. The problem I have with using it is that the “shadows” do not/not show up in the Firefox broswer, at least using Firefox for PC (I have vers 15.0.1.) Is there a relatively easy workaround? Would love to show off the art with Shiba. Thanks

  7. says

    This may be an absurd question, but I’ve combed the web pages here looking for an answer to two questions, so I thought I would ask here:

    1) Is there a document that explains all of the shortcode options for Shiba Gallery?

    2) What has to be in place for the related posts functionality to work? I’ve taken examples straight from your examples here and they display absolutely nothing on my site, in either a post or a page. What am I missing?

    Take care of you,

  8. says

    Hi am trying to get a handle on wordpress and your gallery plugin an when i follow your steps NO gallery appears, (have made slimbox default) when i look at the html i see
    [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="rand"]

    then i tried your above code
    [gallery id=8162 type=slimbox size="(150,150)"]
    the id is for i think the galley? but where do i find the id?


    • says

      Did you attach images to the post in question?

      Here is a tutorial on how to attach images to a post.

      When you edit a post, its id appears in its url address, e.g. mysite.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=10&action=edit (id = 10). If you don’t specify an id in the gallery shortcode then it defaults to using the images that are attached to the current post (i.e. the post that contains the shortcode).

  9. thund5000 says

    Hey Shiba’s I been using your plugin fo about 3 months now. but you know what???
    Sorry but I can’t stop my self in telling you this. “YOU ROCK, YOUR PLUGIN IS FREE BUT YOUR SUPPORT IS MORE THAN PREMIUM PLUGIN” keep up man God bless. Ummmhp I called you man but your profile is woman ?????? are you a man or woman?? 😛

  10. says

    Hi! First, a big THANKS for creating Shiba Gallery and the Media Library plugin. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I’m using the gallery in “native” mode (for various reasons that are out of my control). Would it be possible to add a configuration switch to turn the additional (text) link to the image in the caption that appears under the thumbnails on and off, or can you provide me with instructions on how I can do that myself?

    An example: http://www.alex-kunz.com/dandelion-study/ – I’d like the thumbnails to be clickable, but no additional text link in the Image title.

    Thanks a lot

      • says

        I should have mentioned that I already tried that. :) Unfortunately, that removes the link from both the caption AND the image thumbnail (where I want it, so that thickbox opens). Thanks for looking…

        • says

          Ah ok.

          You can hook into shiba_get_attachment_url. Something like this –

          add_filter('shiba_get_attachment_url', 'my_own_link', 10, 2);
          function my_own_link($url, $id) {
                  return wp_get_attachment_url($id);

          The source function is called get_attachment_url in shiba-gallery-helper.php.

          • says

            Oh. Well, I’m not a programmer, I don’t know how to hook into things (code-wise). But with a different theme I was able to solve some of my problems (weird, but what do I know). Thanks for your help anyway!

            Oh and, if you’d have a look at the “prettyphoto” lightbox script that would be cool. :)

  11. Jacky says


    the Plugin and all its variations are really wonderful. I’d like to use the Noobslide with a lightbox effect, i.e. clicking on the large picture will call up the lightbox. Any chance?
    Best regards

  12. says

    Hi again mate. I’ve setup the plugin for my blog and looks great! I need one more thing however. I want to have a link on every gallery “see original post” which will be a link to the post to which the images are attached to. As I see there are two possibilities for this (please feel correct me):

    1. Edit the shiba-native.php and add what?

    2. Add new meta box custom field in the Gallery post types where I would be able to enter the link manually of the original post I like to show in that certain gallery.

    Which case would be better for the job and how would I accomplish that?

    • says

      It depends on where you want to add the link. The easiest way is probably to hook into post_gallery or img_caption_shortcode and add the link right into the html output.

      • says

        I’m sorry but my php skills are not so good. Could you elaborate a bit more?
        Let me explain a bit more. My intended scenario is the following:

        Regular posts mixed with text and pictures. There would be a few sets of three thumbnail images throughout the text and the links of these thumbnail sets would take the user to a seperate gallery page where all of the images of that particular posts are grouped and showed into one big gallery. Much like the galleries on engadget.com. Well those specific gallery which contain all of the images of a specific post should have a link which takes the user back to the original post where the images are reviewed or so. I hope you understand what I’m aiming for.

        Engadget is probably the perfect example. It has review posts where a particular product is reviewed and the review is accompanied with images. When a use clicks on an image it takes him to a seperate gallery page which includes all of the images of the post which took you there. Hence the link back from gallery to the post.

  13. Kenny says

    Hi again. Managed to get earlier issues fixed but have 2 questions now.

    1. Which JS should I look into if I have problem using Shiba Gallery with Fancybox? I am using a theme which currently uses Fancybox for some image animations – when I have thumbnails in galleries the image will open but there is no “next” button.
    2. How can I disable titles of images from showing when the page is trying to load Tiny gallery?

    Thanks again!

    • says

      1. If you are using Tiny slideshow then js file is in shiba-gallery/tinyss/script2.js
      2. I haven’t looked at this in particular, so I can’t say for sure. I would look at using js to change the css visbility, or try asking the TinySS developer.

  14. Tomas says

    This is super!!! Many thanks, just a question…
    Can you set the default size in functions aswell?
    Maybe something like:

    define(‘SHIBA_GALLERY_DEFAULT’, ‘popeye’,’500,300′);

    (sorry for commenting twice but this posts seems more up2date)

    • says

      For now you can reset the default size by going into shiba-gallery.php and changing line 486 –
      ‘size’ => ‘medium’,

      I will add a defaults filter and possibly add it into the interface when I update the plugin.

  15. Anonymous says


    Very nice plugin – one of the best. I’ve got 2 questions:
    1: Can I change the background color from grey to black for the Tiny option? Can’t seem to find which CSS to do the trick.
    2: Somehow this plugin seem to load images a bit slower, or its just my server at fault. Anyway to have a “loading” animation while images are loaded?

    • says

      The background color will be dependent on which frame you are using. You can modify frame css in shiba-gallery-frames.css (compressed) or it may be easier to look in shiba-gallery-frames-dev.css (uncompressed).

      As for speed, you can run time benchmarking software to identify what is taking the most time. Make sure you are using compressed images that are saved specifically for the web. Using a wordpress caching plugin can also help.

      • Kenny says

        I’m using the Tiny option. I would like to change the background color of the thumbnails (in the carousel) and also in the image’s background (when some images are smaller the background shows).

  16. Fran says

    Love! Is there a way to combine the noodleslide and the slimeline so that when you click on the large image description in the noodleslide the linked image shows up in the slimeline type window?

  17. Yaw Hunu says

    i really like your plugin, Please is there a way to tweak your plugin for it to show images attached to post without inserting shortcode in post but use some single php tag in my THEME…? Thanks

    • says

      This renders the gallery using PHP-

      global $shiba_gallery;
      echo $shiba_gallery->parse_gallery_shortcode("", array('id' => "10"));

      Refer to the “Call Shiba Gallery Directly from PHP” section in the article above.

    • says

      Go into Settings >> Permalinks.

      You can set your gallery permalink structure from there. However, you will probably need to put in a unique slug (e.g. ‘photo’) so that it doesn’t conflict with existing permalink structures, such as your page permalink structure.

      For example you can set your permalink to

      Which means the address will be site/photo/advertising-photography

  18. says

    Hi Shiba,

    Awesome plugin – thanks for the work you put into this.

    I have a question – while using the slimbox option, is it possible to size the image that the slimbox displays? Also, it is possible to show only one thumbnail for a gallery but when clicked, the slimbox allows cycling through all the images in that gallery?

    Thanks much!

      • Raaj says

        Here’s what I mean to ask and goofed up :)
        For any gallery of multiple images, is it possible to modify the code to display only one thumbnail (i.e only one image in the gallery display) but then when that thumbnail is clicked the the slimbox opens, the slimbox allows navigation through all the images in the gallery (like how the slimbox behave out of the box today).
        If you could even point me in the direction of where the thumbnails for each gallery are created in the code, so that I can find a way to display only one thumbnail, that would be awesome and much appreciated.

        Thanks much!

  19. Vadim says

    Hello. Please help me to configure this plugin. I poprobyval much, but it never happened = ((I have WP 3.2.1 I beg you to send e-mail here or detailed instructions on setting up.

    • says

      Hello Vadim,
      If you let me know what specifically you are having problems with, I can help to troubleshoot the situation. Otherwise, all the relevant instructions should be on this page.

  20. james says

    hi shiba,you have a very cool plugin.I was wandering whether is it possible if i want to integrate the plugin into the wordpress theme directly?

    • says

      Hello James,
      I am not sure why you would want to do that since the gallery functionality is independent of theme components. A theme can certainly take advantage of the plugin by checking if it is available and using some of its inbuilt functions. However, it seems that integrating gallery rendering into a theme would only overload the theme.

      In general, I am a big proponent of slimmer themes, so that users have greater flexibility in picking and choosing what functions they want to include or exclude through plugins.

  21. says

    Hi Shiba
    “Theme credit links are expected to go to the theme author. I don’t see how a site about dog tips, care and training falls into that category.”

    What a shame, but it’s still a great plugin.

  22. peyman says

    First of all, this is a huge plugin, thanks.
    Second is it possible that this plugin conflicts with others
    JavaScript or jquery inside the theme ??

    • says

      Conflicts are always possible.

      Nowadays I always test out all plugin updates on my test site first. In this way, I can make sure that everything is running smoothly before installing them on my main sites.

  23. says

    Hi Shiba
    Came over from the Studiopress forum where Nick the Geek recommended your plugin for creating a gallery.

    Examples look great and this site is fantastic.
    I’ll give the plugin a try.

  24. says

    your gallery plugin is great, exactly what i was looking for, but I have problem in using it. I did upload the plugin and did the settings in Media under Shiba Galleries in Word Press,
    now How do I get please Gallery in the Dashboard to be able to upload the photos and create the gallery, than i would like to use it on the page not on post. It is for artist portfolio page. Please help me, i am very new to web and try to create website for my business. I would appreciate your help. thank you

      • says

        Thank you very much, I just started to create the gallery, and I’ve read your tutorial. Such a great plugin and how beautifully explained. Amazing and clear work.

        Warm regards

      • says

        Hi Shiba
        I notice that you use shortcodes that include an ID for a gallery eg. [gallery id="10" type="noobslide_galleria" ]

        Where do you find the gallery ID?

        I’ve used the method you direct us to above i.e. “attach the images to a post/page”, but I just wondered about the gallery ID.

        Just starting to play with your plugin using slimbox and it is so fast!

        Thanks for a great plugin.

        • says

          Hello Keith,
          The gallery ID is simply the post or page ID. You can use the ID attribute to display galleries from multiple different posts or pages within a single page.

          You can get the post ID by editing the post and then looking up at your address/url bar. It should have something like –

          You can also just hover your mouse on the post titles while on the Posts screen. That will also show you the edit post URL and the post ID.

          Let me know if you run into any problems. Cheers.

          • says

            Hi Shiba
            Thanks for the info.
            I’m getting there slowly.

            Love your plugin and if it’s recommended by Studiopress… say no more.

            If I may, could I ask why your plugin is not in the WordPress repositary?
            Any reason?

          • says

            Hello Keith,
            I tried submitting a theme when I first started playing around with WordPress. One of the replies I got from wordpress.org goes as follows –

            Theme credit links are expected to go to the theme author. I don’t see how a site about dog tips, care and training falls into that category.

            After a few more exchanges, it became clear that their time and mine would be better spent in other more positive pursuits. 😀

  25. Nicole says

    Hi, I would like to use the PictureSlides “Slideshow only and autoplay” option. Is this possible? Thanks for any help.

  26. Ryan says

    Thanks for the great plugin! Quick question:

    Some of my posts with galleries also have PDF files uploaded to the post as well, and the gallery plugin is trying to display the PDF in the gallery, leaving an empty box around the “would be” thumbnail.

    My question: Is there a way to tell Shiba Gallery to ignore the PDF’s so that they don’t display at all?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  27. Zak S says

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to include something like a youtube video (or similar embedded media) in a gallery?

    • ShibaShake says

      That would be a useful function, but it is currently not in the plugin yet. If you decide to add something like this, let me know.

  28. says

    I seem to remember there was a parameter for sorting photos? I want to display from newest to oldest. I can’t find that anymore so not sure if it ever existed.


  29. says

    Hi. Does anyone have PHP sample code showing how to page through results, say 10 at a time? I have a gallery that returns too many, so I capped it at 16 but can’t access the additional ones easily.

    Any advice?


  30. Itay says


    I need the noobslide gallery , but without the sliding effect. What do I have to change on that piece of code on shiba-noobslide.php?

    fxOptions: {
    duration: 1000,
    transition: “.$shiba_gallery->TRANSITION.”,
    wait: false



  31. says

    hi there,

    could you please direct me to the place that I can remove an empty image, which shows up at the end of the gallery? I have no idea where it came from, because I use your plugin on every site I build and it’s never happened. I managed to remove the link to the image itself, but caption remained and it looked awful. Strange thing…

    Here’s the link: http://9punkt.pl/projekt/mtblanc

    many thanks for a great plugin :)

    • ShibaShake says

      Hmmm, I didn’t see a gallery when I visited the link. My guess is that the image was deleted, but somehow the attachment object is still hanging around. You want to make sure to delete the attachment object in the Media Library menu.

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