Shiba Media Library Plugin

The purpose of the Shiba Media Library Plugin is to facilitate the manipulation and grouping of images within the existing WordPress image library framework.

[Most recent Shiba Media Library updates]

September 13th 2015 – Release 3.9.1

  • Updated thumbnails column for WordPress 4.3.
  • Tested on WordPress 4.3.

May 2nd 2015 – Release 3.9

  • Updated image search function (in the Media Manager interface) so that it works for attachment titles, alt text, as well as captions.
  • Tested plugin on WordPress 4.2.

When creating permalink structures, care must to taken to ensure that the new structure does not override existing post, page, category, and tag permalinks.

Key Features of the Shiba Media Library Plugin

  • Enables image tagging and allows you to group images into galleries by using their tags. Images can also to added manually using the regular media manager interface.
  • In addition to images/attachments, galleries may also contain posts and other galleries. In this way, you group not only images, but also posts, galleries, and any combination of these object types. Here are some fun things you can achieve with expanded galleries.
  • Easily search for posts, pages, galleries, and more in the expanded media manager interface, and include them directly into a gallery. The days of painfully hunting for IDs are over!
  • Freely order images, posts, and pages within a gallery.
  • Gallery objects get saved into your WordPress export files. This allows you to keep a backup of your gallery objects, as well as move them from blog to blog.
  • Expanded media manager image search that allows you to find images based on title and alt text.
  • Expanded search that allows you to find attachments and galleries based on titles, tags, and categories.
  • Show the number of posts an image containing an image in the Media >> Library screen.
  • View most-used tags for post, attachment, and gallery objects.
  • Quick Edit image attachments.
  • Adds a new drop-down menu to your existing WordPress Media Library. This menu will allow you to do bulk attachments to both attached and non-attached images.
  • Detach a set of images from their post so that they revert back to their unattached state.

The Power of Galleries and Tags

Gallery objects are stored in the regular WordPress post database. In this way, you get to leverage almost all existing functions that are available for WordPress post objects including displaying your galleries using the WordPress gallery shortcode.

Galleries created with the Shiba Media Library Plugin should also work with other plugins that support the WordPress gallery shortcode.

This entire plugin operates within the current WordPress Media Library framework so any tag changes will automatically be reflected in your WordPress gallery shortcode results.

If you want to extract images with particular tags using PHP, just include the tags in your WordPress get_posts command.

$args = array(	'post_type' => 'attachment',
		'tag' => 'tag-a,tag-b,tag-c' );
$attachments = get_posts( $args );

Why Can’t I Use Tags in the Gallery Shortcode?

The Shiba Media Library addresses the media library back-end and sets up tag links in the WordPress database. I.e., there is a link in the database saying that a particular image is linked to a given tag.

For tags to work in the gallery shortcode, it must also be supported on the gallery front-end – i.e., by the plugin that renders your images. The Shiba Gallery plugin, for example, supports image tags.

However, most gallery rendering plugins do not yet support this extension because it is currently not part of the native WordPress gallery shortcode and is therefore not a standard.

Shiba Media Library Updates

The new version of the plugin only operates on WordPress 3.5.

Shiba Media Library 3.8.2

September 17th 2014

  • Updated the Add-Media templates and interface so that images can be properly selected and inserted.
  • Updated the media table in the Edit Gallery screen so that it renders properly in WP 4.0.
  • Updated some deprecated functions.
  • Tested plugin on WordPress 4.0.

Shiba Media Library 3.8

April 22nd 2014

  • Updated plugin directory and url paths to use standard functions instead of constants.
  • Updated the Galleries >> Options screen to use the new wordpress update settings system (add_settings_error).
  • Fixed a bug in the Media screen that occurs when expanded bulk operations are applied to an empty image set.
  • Tested plugin on WordPress 3.9.

Shiba Media Library 3.7.2

Dec 24th 2013

  • Fixed some warning messages and make sure post images show up when editing a gallery.

Shiba Media Library 3.7

Sept 26th 2013

  • Posts, pages, and supporting custom post types can now be included in galleries from within the media manager interface.
  • Expanded search for images to include title as well as alt text.
  • Show number of posts that an image is included in (i.e. included in post content). Gallery images are not counted.
  • New options page. You may now enable or disable the image quick edit, number of posts, and expanded media manager search functionalities.
  • Fixed URL too long bug.

Shiba Media Library 3.6

Jan 7th 2013

  • Updated for 3.5.
  • Plugin gallery objects now use the id list system introduced in WordPress 3.5. Use the new media manager interface to upload and attach images to gallery objects.
  • Fixed quick edit functions.
  • Updated deprecated media functions.
  • Encapsulated the plugin options page within an object class.
  • Fixed gallery and attachment tag links in tag-metabox.
  • Added an attachment_link filter so that %category% gallery-permalinks translate properly.
  • Properly redirect bulk operations and delete permanently operation in the Edit Gallery screen.

Shiba Media Library 3.4

August 20th 2012

  • Updated for WordPress 3.4.
  • Added Quick Edit functionality to images. Quick Edit capability is accessible in the Media Library and Edit Gallery screens.
  • Image ordering will now be saved in both draft and published modes.
  • Updated old javascript functions to use jQuery.

Shiba Media Library 3.3

August 31st 2011

  • Added ability to order images within Gallery objects.
  • By going into Galleries >> Options, you may now change the gallery shortcode used for viewing a Gallery object.
  • Gallery objects now have Shiba Widgets support.
  • The “Insert into Post” button should now appear on custom post types.
  • Removed image parallelization option. As outlined in Google Page Speed, new browsers now allow more than two concurrent connections per hostname. As such, the image parallelization option is no longer needed.

Shiba Media Library 3.2

February 16th, 2011

  • Updated for WordPress 3.1, RC4. Tested on WP 3.0 and WP 3.1,RC4.
  • Fixed bulk trash operation on Gallery screen.
  • Permalinks now work properly on network activation and deactivation in WordPress Multisite.
  • Columns from other plugins are now properly added in the Media Library screen.

Shiba Media Library 3.1

January 17th, 2011

  • Updated for WordPress 3.1. Tested in WP 3.0 and WP 3.1,RC2.
  • Fixed numerous bugs in the gallery query system. Gallery types should now work properly.
  • Cleaned up the plugin so that gallery objects are now always custom post types. As a result the plugin requires WP 3.0 and above. If you are using WP 2.9, then please download Shiba Media Library 3.0.

Shiba Media Library 3.0.3

November 25th, 2010

  • Fixed bulk operations in the Google Chrome browser. Shiba Media Library now has its own menu in the media screen.
  • Cleaned up the gallery tagging system so that tagged gallery images can now be properly ordered with order, orderby, numberposts, and offset arguments. This makes it much easier to enable gallery paging.

Shiba Media Library 3.0

August 13th 2010

  • Added ability to append image tags in bulk as requested by Peder.
  • Re-enabled Insert into Post button even for images that are already attached.

Shiba Media Library 2.9

  • Shiba Media Library is now updated for WordPress 3.0. It should work in 3.0 and 2.9+.
  • All your previous gallery objects should still work seamlessly in the new update.
  • Expanded image attachment and detachment functions are now better integrated into the standard WordPress Media Library interface.
  • You may set your gallery permalink structure by going into Settings >> Permalinks
  • Fixed PHP notices. Thanks to Writemcodeboy for alerting me to this issue.

Media Library Plugin 2.7

  • Added in the ability to parallelize your image links. This enables more images to be downloaded simultaneously, and improves page speed.
  • Also fixed some bugs associated with the permalink creation function. In particular, I refined the regular expression for gallery attachment images and added more rules for validating the gallery permalink structure.

Media Library Plugin 2.6

  • As requested by Keoshi, I have added in the ability to edit your entire gallery permalink structure.

Media Library Plugin 2.5

  • I just finished making some large changes to the permalink redirect code. If you are having permalink redirect issues, in particular with your feeds, then please download the latest version.

Media Library Plugin 2.4

  • Added most-used attachment and gallery tag views.
  • Permalink support and customization for gallery objects.
  • Expanded media and gallery search.
  • Plugin is cleaner and more secure.
  • Thanks to A.M. for making many of the great suggestions that went into this plugin update.

Media Library Plugin 2.3

  • Expanded gallery objects so that they may contain posts, pages, and other gallery objects; in addition to image attachments.
  • You may now assign thumbnails to galleries. This uses the Post Thumbnail system introduced in WordPress 2.9, so you will need at least version 2.9 and a gallery front-end that knows how to render posts to fully realize the power of this feature.
  • You can now navigate to gallery objects, just like you do with attachments. Gallery object pages are rendered using the gallery shortcode.
  • ** Thanks to Keoshi for making many of the great suggestions that went into this plugin update.

Media Library Plugin 2.2

  • Fixed a bug in Release 2.1 where Trash links for posts and pages no longer work properly. This is an important bug fix so please download the latest version of the plugin.

Media Library Plugin 2.1

  • Added bulk-actions, search, and date filter to the Manage Gallery screen. Now you can perform the same menu view operations on galleries as you can with posts and pages.
  • Integrated the Manage Gallery menu with the WordPress Trash system. Now you can move galleries to the trash, untrash, or delete them permanently.
  • Fixed various bugs with gallery links, trash links, as well as image tags. The gallery and tag system should now work a lot more smoothly.

Media Library Plugin 2.0

  • Allows you to tag your images. Through tagging, you can include the same image into multiple galleries.

Media Library Plugin 1.0

  • Allows you to re-attach multiple images to any post from the Media Library panel.
  • Enables bulk image detachments.
  • Works on WordPress 2.8

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  1. says

    Hi there

    I’m using you plugin and it works fine. I can bulk update tags on my images in the media gallery and I see the new tag values.

    However when I open my gallery on my website it does not filter the images based on the new tags I just added

    Also when I disable your plugin the tags I just added disappear

    Is there something I’m missing?

    • ShibaShake says

      The way the tags work in Shiba Media Library is that they allow you to add images in bulk to a gallery. For example, I could tag a set of my vacation images with vacation-2014. Then, I could create a gallery and add the tag vacation-2014 into it. The gallery would then get populated with all images that have that tag.

      If you add two tags (e.g. vacation-2014, vacation-2013), then the gallery will get populated with all images with tag vacation-2014 *OR* vacation-2013.

      All images that are *manually* added to a gallery will always be shown. Therefore, if I manually add three images of Disneyland into my vacation gallery, then they will also be shown regardless of their tags.

      Also when I disable your plugin the tags I just added disappear

      The tags are still stored in the database. They just are not shown in the interface because the tag column is added by my plugin.

  2. Abby says

    I’m using Jupiter theme (themeforest) for my magazine and since I couldn’t create any new gallery for a few day I came here to understand why.
    I’ve now realized that I’ve been using a rather old version of the pluing (3.6!) so that might be the issue.
    the point is that I’ve never had an “Update Plugin” message for shiba so now, If I want the latest version I need to uninstall and re-install it (weird, never happend w/ any other plugin). My question is: will I lose the existing galleries and pictures in doing so?
    is there anything else I can do to avoid uninstalling the plugin?
    thanks lot.

    • ShibaShake says

      The galleries and pictures will all be there after re-install. If you want to avoid uninstalling the plugin, you can ftp the new files over to your server. This is what I do for my live sites. I also test everything out on a mirror site first before updating my main sites.

      This plugin is not in the official WP directory, which is why you don’t get the usual update messages.

  3. says

    Greetings. Having a bit of trouble since upgrading to WordPress 4.0.1. When I try to drag and drop to rearrange gallery pics, the images won’t move. I’m currently using Shiba Media Library 3.8.2. Caould you please let me know if there is anything I can do to correct this yet. Thank you.


    • ShibaShake says

      I just tested this on my test site and it works fine. Try testing this on a default theme with other plugins turned off. I tested it on TwentyTen and it works fine with it under WP 4.0.1.

  4. says

    Hi, i have a question or feature request.

    Is it possible to select an operator for the gallery tags?

    for more complex tagging it would be a naice to have to set a tag condition “AND” for tag – so an image has to have tagA AND tagB to be included in a specific gallery.

    WP_Query() allows to select an operator “tag__and”:

    is this allready possible and i just didnt found out how or is this something not implemented?

    BTW – thanks for your excellent plugin!



  5. says

    Hi, just another small issue: the readme.txt of “shiba-media-library” says:

    === Media Library Plus ===
    Contributors: shibashake
    Donate link:
    Tags: media library, image attachment
    Requires at least: 2.8
    Tested up to: 2.8
    Stable tag: 1.0

    this was confising a bit, but in “shiba-media-library.php” the correct plugin metadata was found:

    Plugin Name: Shiba Media Library
    Plugin URI:
    Description: This plugin enhances the existing WordPress Media Library; allowing you to easily attach and reattach images as well as link an image to multiple galleries by using tags.
    Version: 3.8.2
    Author: ShibaShake
    Author URI:

  6. says

    Having a problem with galleries using the Titan theme since updating to WP 4.0, can’t seem to add or edit. Getting the following error trying to access any gallery:

    Internal Server Error

    Using the plugin Shiba Media gallery which came with the theme. Get this error when opening any gallery.

    Could you please have a look.

    Thx a million.

  7. Viresh says


    Thanks for this great plugin. Just curious, does this plugin allow to delete files permanently from uploads folder when you click on “Delete Permanently”. Because by default, it doesn’t delete files from disk.


  8. says

    Hi there,

    i have your Media Library plugin in use on a developer page (WP 4).

    When the plugin is active, i cannot add images into an article from the “add media” button at article-edit page. Iclick on an image in the library, but nothing happens. i cannot click on “insert Image”. Close button works.

    when i deactivate the plugin, everything works as expected.

    greets, tom

  9. Mick says

    First of all thanks for the great plugin. We installed it yesterday and everything’s working fine except two things:

    1. We are associating each gallery with a category but when we go under the ‘category’, the gallery posts don’t show up. Anyways to show them under the category they are associated with?

    2. All the Gallery URLs are showing up . We want to instead display them as – for SEO reasons. We tried to put %gallery% in permalinks and %category%/%gallery% but it’s not working, can you please help?


    • ShibaShake says

      Sorry for the late reply. Was fighting off a flu.

      1. To change what post types get shown, I hook into the ‘parse_query’ filter. This includes *all* queries though, so you would need to condition check properly to determine where you want to show what post types.

      Here is an example category page with gallery objects-

      This is an older article, but it provides a bit detail and points to the files to look at to find the proper filters-

      2. The plugin tries to prevent permalink conflicts. Try doing /gallery/%gallery%

      • Mick says

        Thanks a lot for the reply and hope you are feeling better now…

        We are really stuck on one other thing i.e. the ‘detach’ function is not working for images that are added using ‘tags’. We searched your site and saw the same issue reported by another user and an old response of yours saying that it only works for images that are manually added as the parent-child relationship is missing for one’s added via tags.

        But we would like to know is there any workaround for this issue? Like going into the database and deleting the ID of that image or something? Please help…


        • ShibaShake says

          Yeah, the detach function is actually not very relevant now. There are two ways to attach images –
          1. Picking the images that you want using the Upload and Attach Images button.
          2. Using tags.

          Using method 1, you can add or remove whatever images you want using the regular WP gallery interface.

          Using method 2, you can add or remove entire sets of images by adding or removing tags. If you want to remove a particular image from a “tag group” simply remove the given tag from the image. You can do this in bulk from the main Media Library screen, or you can do that singly by editing the image.

          For interface simplicity, the tag operand used is OR. For more complex tag expressions, you can hook into the posts_where WP filter.

  10. Jordan says

    Hey! I just downloaded v 3.6 and installed on WordPress 3.5.1. I love the way you have everything set up. It’s -much- better than any of the other media library plugins I’ve found.

    I’m just wondering—is there any way I can use tags from custom taxonomies I’ve already created? I’m creating a portfolio with three different sections (case studies, videos, and an image gallery) which are to be using the same set of tags. So it doesn’t really work for me to use the Shiba-specific Attachment Tags (which I imagine would otherwise provide me the functionality I need).

    If there is any way for me to rig this up, that would be amazing.

    • says

      The plugin uses the standard WP ‘post_tag’. Possibly you could replace all instances of ‘post_tag’ with your own taxonomy, but I am not sure if that will cause other issues.

  11. says

    I have been testing the media library plugin a bit more.
    There’s one bug: if you try to delete a large number of pictures from the media library, your pluging provokes an “URL TOO LONG” error.
    The same number of pics, deleted without your plugin get deleted without a problem.
    easy to test: set media library to show 100 attachments, select them all, select bulk action “delete” and you got the error.
    Second thing (it’s not an error, just annoying, and WP has exactly the same problem):
    if I upload a few hundred pictures and select a tag before clicking on “insert into post” the tag is only applied to the last uploaded picture. I have to return to the media library, and select all uploaded pics, apply the tag and then, finally, all my attachments have the tag.
    It would be nice to apply all the settings to all the selected attachments in one go. But I guess you just use the core procedure from WP there.

    • ShibaShake says

      Thanks for the URL too long bug report. I will look into it.

      But I guess you just use the core procedure from WP there.

      Yes, that is right. In the media manager pop-up, the interface to the right only applies to the current selected image. For example, if you changed the image title, you would not want that to be applied to multiple images. Similarly, it would be inconsistent to apply tag changes to multiple images.

      As for categories, there may be other plugins that support it, or feel free to modify the plugin to better suit your purposes.

  12. says

    I tried shiba-media-library, and it does what it promised, it works great.
    But it’s completely useless for me. My blogs are based on categories, not tags. My Table of Contents page is category based, people search and find articles based on categories, when they navigate around, they stay in the category of their interest, etc, etc. Tags are only used by flickr and technorati and are in reality completely useless when it comes to helping users find what they are looking for.
    What I am looking for is
    – a way to see only attachments that belong to one category in the media library
    – a way to “bulk” add my existing pictures to a category
    – a way to “bulk” add all pictures I upload to a post via Media Library to the same category as my post
    I hoped to be able to do all that with shiba-media-library, but now it turns out that I can’t do anything of that at all unless I start using tags.
    Nevertheless, I guess I am not the only one who has well structured blogs based on categories. So my question is: is it somehow possible to have your nice shiba-media-library with just one difference: not using tags but categories?

  13. jumapili says

    First off please note I am running wordpress on windows 2008.

    So I am having a problem. When the Shiba Media Gallery plug in is activated. And I attempt to Attach Images to a page. WordPress throws a

    404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    http: //

  14. ananth says

    few quickies
    – is there a way to display the tags below the images?
    – trying to use it with ‘gallery carousel without jetpack’ for fullscreen carousel, but doesnt seem to work. is it a known issue?

    thanks in advance

    • says

      I just tested the ‘gallery carousel without jetpack’ plugin on my test site and it seems to work fine with Shiba Media Library. Try disabling Shiba Media Library, and then just test the carousel out on a regular gallery to see if it works. There may be a conflict with something else.

      As for displaying tags, that would depend on the front-end gallery that does the rendering, i.e. ‘gallery carousel without jetpack’. You would need to extract the tags and then add that into the rendering of the gallery.

      Shiba Media Library just deals with the back-end stuff.

  15. says

    I’m currently running WordPress version 3.3.2 with Shiba Media Library 3.3 installed.

    My site is designed to display ticket stubs by year. Each year has a page, and all images of stubs for that year are attached to the page. The page then displays the gallery for that page.

    I’ve recently decided that I want to allow for another form of navigation that allows users to view the images by opponent, as well.

    So what I’ve done is created one Gallery for each opponent, and attached a single Tag to each gallery (i.e. one gallery called “Auburn” with a single tag attached to it called “auburn”

    I then created a page that links to each of the galleries, so when I open the Auburn Gallery, I can see all tickets where Tech played Auburn.

    So it seems to be working OK, but I’ve found one problem…when I update the gallery, it changes the Menu Order property on my tickets on the pages that they are actually attached to. So let’s say that Auburn was the fifth game of the 1950 season…if I update the Auburn Gallery, and then go to the 1950 season, the menu order for that Auburn ticket will have changed, and it now displays out of order.

    To get around this I’ve simply been creating the Galleries first and then just tagging the images after…this seems to keep the problem from occurring. However, I’d like to go back and add notes, descriptions, etc. to the galleries after the fact without having to worry about the images being displayed out of order on their base page.

    Is there something that I can do to get around this? Please feel free to e-mail me at the address above.


    • says

      OK, so I did a bit more reading and found where you specified that only one ID can be stored.

      Is there a way that I can modify the code to not update the Order ID in the database?

      I think I’m going to update all of my image ID’s with an intelligent Order ID (i.e. the date of the game). Then no matter what gallery it displays in it will be in the correct order.

      • says

        Hello Brad,

        The easiest way to change ordering attributes is to do it on the gallery shortcode itself – using the orderby attribute.

        If you are using Shiba Gallery on the frontend then you can use orderby=”shiba_menu_order” to get multiple orderings.

        If you want to change the ordering code, it is in shiba-mlib-add.php.

        • Brad says

          I’m not sure what the difference is between orderby=”shiba_menu_order” and orderby=”menu_order”

          Does it do something different?

          • Brad says

            So I’ve found the code where you’re updating the menu_order in the mySQL database:

            function update_media_menu_order($media_items) {
            global $wpdb;
            $i = 1;
            foreach ($media_items as $item) {
            $query = $wpdb->prepare(“UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET menu_order = %d WHERE ID = %d”, $i, $item);

            What I’d like to do is comment this out to preserve the original menu order of my images. If I do this, will the shiba_menu_order still be updated by dragging and dropping the images in the gallery edit window?

            i.e. will it break anything else?

          • says

            shiba_menu_order is stored differently so it shouldn’t affect that. I don’t think it will break anything else, but it is not something I have tested for, so I cannot say for sure.

            I would try it out on a test site first, and see how it goes.

  16. says

    First of all, thank you for this great plugin…it is exactly what I have been looking for. I do have few questions (apologies if you already answered these, but I looked through the previous comments and could not find an answer):

    1. Since installing the media library plugin, my images are no longer inserted into the post code with a title tag. Do you know how to include this?

    2. I want to make a gallery of galleries with your gallery plugin, but I can not figure out how to populate it. Any explanation is appreciated!

    Thank you!

    • says

      my images are no longer inserted into the post code with a title tag. Do you know how to include this?

      Hmmm, not sure what you mean here. Do you mean when you click on the Add Media button in the Edit Post screen and then insert an image, something is missing from the inserted html? If you could give me a concrete example, e.g. this html was generated before, and this other html was generated after that would be helpful.

      I want to make a gallery of galleries with your gallery plugin

      Create each gallery as a Gallery object. Tag each gallery object you want to include with the same tag. Then just create a parent gallery object with that same tag, and click on “Only Galleries” in the Edit Gallery screen. The radio button for “Only Galleries” is right under the title of the gallery.

      If you are using Shiba Gallery Plugin you can also include the relevant gallery ids in the ids list or include the relevant gallery category. E.g.

      [gallery ids="1,2,3,4"]
      [gallery category="1" post_type="gallery"]
    • says

      You can do a tag search by using the search box at the very top of the media screen. There is a drop-down menu to the right of it that allows you to search based on title or tags.

      • Wilco says

        Sorry, but it is not clear to me how the tag search works. I added tags to some images, but when I select “tag” from the drop down menu, add a search term in the text field and click the “search media” button, I see all images. What goes wrong here?

        There is also a “filter” button next to the text field, but that doesn’t work either. Any help is much appreciated.

        • ShibaShake says

          In the text box next to the “Search Media” button, type in the search term. If you want to search based on tags then go to the drop down menu and select “tag” then click on “Search Media”.

          I just tested it on my site and it seems to be working fine.

  17. says


    I have installed and activated Shiba Media Library plugin 3.4.5 on a WP 3.4.2, and no detach option can be found in the Media Library, either in the dropdown menu of Bulk Actions or elsewhere. What might be wrong? (A couple of other gallery plugins sit in the Plugins directory, but none are activated.)

    Thank you.

    • says

      When you go the the Media >> Library screen, is there a section up top labelled Shiba Media Library? If so, the drop down menu in that top section should have the detach options.

      Otherwise, I would switch to a default theme, turn on debugging options, and see what errors come up.

      • Aficionado says

        My mistake, I did not realize there is another “Bulk action” drop down menu at the top.

        Thanks a lot for pointing this out. Detachment works great.

        Unfortunately, now it is attachment that stopped working, because the URL length exceeds the server’s limit.

        Somehow the URLs setting up the attachment grew huge (almost 10,000 character long) after activating the plugin, as they seem to contain all current attachments as variables, for some reason.

        Is this normal behavior and the server limit is at fault?

        • says

          No, that should not happen.

          I just tested things on my test server and could not replicate what you describe.

          Some things to try on a *test site* –
          1. Turn off the plugin and then try attaching the same image using the standard “Attach” link.
          2. Turn on the plugin and then try attaching an image using the “Attach” link.

          I would try this on a default theme with no other plugin activated.

          • says


            The same issue started happening in my media library as well after using the plugin for over a year.
            The problem isn’t only attaching a picture to a post which gives this error: “414 Request-URI Too Large
            The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.”
            But also anything I try to do in this screen, searching, editing information etc.
            Disabling and enabling the plugin didn’t help but interestingly this error is user specific – I get the error with the admin user but not with a different user.
            Please help! I don’t want to change plugin because your’s is great!


          • ShibaShake says

            I am currently working on updating Shiba Gallery for HTML5 and WordPress 3.6. I plan to update Shiba Media Library next, but all this will take some time.

            My guess is that the error occurs when too many items are included in the bulk operation. Once it occurs though, some state may be kept in the browser cache/state that causes it to happen again. Try –
            1. Closing the window and opening another.
            2. Logging out and then logging in as the same user.

            Let me know what happens. The more details the better, as that will help with fixing the issue. Thanks.

          • says

            Hi and thanks for the answer.
            So the problem now is larger than I initially thought:
            * Same error occurs when I try to attach even only one image to a post (looks like it’s attempting to attach many other images thought by the url…)
            * With a new user I created it’s messed up as well the same way.
            * Updating and editing information in the “media” page isn’t updating after leaving page.
            * logging in and out didn’t help
            * new window or even a window in a different browser didn’t help
            * trying to use the plugin on a new testing site failed as well
            * deleting it altogether and reinstalling – didn’t help
            * installing an older version (3.4.7) didn’t help

            This plugin was working perfectly until now and I already have all the galleries etc working with it so it’s gonna be super difficult to loose this plugin :/

            I’m pasting the line of the long url it’s trying to use:
            htp:// …

          • ShibaShake says

            Ok, I am a bit confused. Can you run me through exactly what you are trying to do and in what screen? Step by step?

            In terms of attaching images to a gallery, the best way to do that now, is to edit the gallery, click on the “Upload or Attach Images” button, and select images using the popup.

            When did the problem start occurring? Is this on WP 3.6?

          • says

            so yes, the problem occurs with your 3.6 version and the 3.6 WP version. It’s not the gallery what I’m trying to do is this:
            1. goto media -> library
            2. select a picture and click on “attach” (attach to a post on the media table).
            3. select a post to attach to -> select
            4. in result I get the “too long url” error page.
            same thing happens when I try to attach a bulk of pictures to a post using the bulk actions drop down, or even when I try to use the media search box.
            The problem started only about two weeks ago and before it was doing just fine. Deactivating the plugin brings everything back to working as usual with no errors – but I really want to keep using your great plugin.

            hope you can help. You can also contact me throw email to make it easier.

          • ShibaShake says

            Thanks for the explanation. I will look into it after I am done updating my Shiba Gallery plugin.

  18. Jony says

    Hi, great job! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

    I have a quick question, how can I load the gallery in different template of page that is different from my blog structure because layout and structure must be different.


  19. says

    I’m having an issue on a client site. The tags column is no longer showing in the media library. The capability of adding/setting tags is there, but I can’t see the tags in the library display.

    I am using codepress admin columns and I added some additional columns to the display; that worked in conjunction with yours a few days ago but (since 3.4.1 upgrade?) I can’t get the tags to show any more. I tried deactivating and reactivating shiba media library, but that did not help.

    Any ideas?

    • says

      I figured out the answer. It was my own fault, nothing wrong with the plugin. I had neglected to add up all my percentages when I added columns to the display, and the tags column was just getting pushed off the screen because I had well over 100% allocated. Duh. Sorry to bother you.

  20. kb says


    I too have the “cheatin’ uh” error when adding images to Shiba galleries since upgrading to WP 3.4 (and now 3.4.1.

    This happens with Twenty Eleven, as well as Studiopress Genesis (parent) and BeeCrafty (child) themes.

    It would seem to be a conflict between SML and the latest WP – is there a fix?


  21. says

    Since the last WordPress update (3.4) I won’t be able to add new images to a gallery. Via the dashboard I open the gallery and use the ‘Add New’ button to add a new image, but when clicked I get an error which prompt me I’m cheating? The Dutch error shows ‘Vals aan het spelen?’ which means ‘Are you cheating?’. I’ve added a new WordPress user (with admin rights), but that doen’t seems to matter.

    Screenshot of the error:

  22. says

    Tried to install your media-library-plus cause cannot find anything really useful to order the content of a wp gallery.
    But after install and activate the plugin, an error 500 appears (solved when I remove the plugin folder).

    These are the logs.

    PHP Warning: require_once(/var/www/helena/wp-content/plugins/shiba-media-library/shiba-mlib-parallel.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/helena/wp-content/themes/Anan/plugins/shiba-media-library/shiba-media-library.php on line 47
    [Sun Jun 10 16:32:26 2012] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/var/www/helena/wp-content/plugins/shiba-media-library/shiba-mlib-parallel.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /var/www/helena/wp-content/themes/Anan/plugins/shiba-media-library/shiba-media-library.php on line 47

    Any lack of files? any comment?

    • says

      Dear Fonsito,

      The problem is your theme is already using an *older version* of shiba-media-library.

      If you want to test the plugin, switch to the default TwentyTen or TwentyEleven theme, and reinstall the plugin.

  23. Tom says

    Shiba is conflicting with NextGen gallery. The plugin was included with a theme and it’s limitations require the use of NextGen gallery. The issue is caused by the $this->helper->admin_init(); line in the shiba-media-library.php file on line 182. If I comment it out then NextGen works but then I can no longer add images to the Shiba galleries. I hope since Shiba contains fewer lines of code that it will not be to hard to fix this issue. I await your reply. Thank you very much.

    • says

      Hello Tom,

      I would not advise using both Shiba Media and NextGen together. Both plugins expand on the native media library and does similar things. Structurally, creating some galleries in Shiba Media and others in NextGen would be messy. Programmatically, the two plugins operate in the same space, but each go in a different direction. As a result, there will likely be many conflicts in many places.

      The helper admin_init function loads many of the elements in Shiba Media, thus disabling that pretty much nullifies most of the plugin.

      Probably the cleanest way to fix this issue is to get the theme creator or hire someone to adapt the theme to work on NextGen.

  24. says

    Just the plugin I was looking for, after my client attached all the images to posts, stopping them getting picked up by some custom functionality I added.
    Many thanks. Saved me time manually updating the d/b. :o)

  25. says

    I respect what you did here. A gallery with custom post types is something I’m after for some time now, and it seems like nobody have every outdone you. I’m having some difficulties however.

    1. First when I click on the thumbnails they do not work. Only the first picture is displayed as main and cannot be changed. I’ve tried changing the slider type, but with no avail.

    2. Permalink structure does not work. I’ve tried adding at: Gallery Structure: %gallery% . Then I tried to open instead of the and it only redirectects me to again. Maybe it has something to do with my WordPress MultiSite installation.

    Can you help me with these?

    • says

      1. I am not sure what you mean. Is there a page that I can look at? What do you mean by “slider type”?
      2. Try “/gallery/%gallery%”. It does not allow just %gallery% because that would result in a permalink conflict.

      • says

        I’ve tried changing most of the gallery types (tiny is what I’m after, but it loads only a list of thumbnails, doesn’t even look like the one you have displayed) noobslide, galleria… and none of them loads fine. Is it some javascript problem? Maybe the plugin can’t access the js files or something?

      • says

        I’m sorry for replying for the third time (you can delete my other posts) but now I’ve discovered that it is theme related. I’ve changed to the default one and it loads fine.

        Do you have any recomendations on how should I include the galleries into my theme?


        • says

          I fixed it. All I needed to do is add before to enable the hooks for the javascript files. Sorry for the fourth posting, but this is the solution to my problems.

          So if your gallery doesn’t display as it should in your theme, this is the solution folks. Now back to work :)

  26. says

    Sorry for double posting, but I forgot to write the error message: Fatal error: Call to a member function admin_init() on a non-object in /home/mozte175/public_html/clientes/tiosam/wp-content/plugins/shiba-media-library/shiba-media-library.php on line 182

      • says

        I’m having the same problem. The theme I am using uses Shiba, but I want to use NextGen for my photo galleries. There appears to be a conflict

        • says

          I applied a small fix to the shiba-media-library.php file by changing around line #183 from: $this->helper->admin_init(); and changed it to: $vyep = $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"];;
          if ($vyep =="/wp-admin/post.php" OR $vyep =="/wp-admin/post-new.php" ){

  27. Matt says

    hi! I really like the plugin, but I have one question. If I have re-ordered images within the gallery (and the gallery is based on a tag), the gallery displays perfectly with the [gallery] shortcode.

    However, when I drill in to view an image, the next/previous links are totally wrong. They seem almost random, or they have some relationship to when the images were uploaded. I am using the previous_image_link() and next_image_link() in my single image php page. What am I doing wrong? Help! Thanks!

  28. says

    I purchased a theme for wordpress for a Realtor. The plug-in that feeds the newest homes for sale is having this issue with the media library.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function init_admin() on a non-object in /home/content/18/6640618/html/wp-content/themes/Hermes/plugins/shiba-media-library/shiba-media-library.php on line 163

    ANy idea how to fix. No one seems to have an answer and I can’t rebuild the whole site. Thanks!

    • says

      Hmmm, the only thing that jumps up at me is that the plugins directory seem to be underneath the themes directory, which may cause some problems. However, it is difficult to say without doing onsite testing.

  29. Yiftach says

    Just so you’d know – When listing the images currently attached to a certain gallery you check for the existence of “edit-attachment-rows.php”, and if it exists you assume the site is running WP 3.1 or bellow.

    On some occasions (Normally due to an inexperienced develpoer) the site might become a mush of several WP editions and so you might end up running a version that’s higher than 3.1 but still have that file.

    Perhaps you might find a more reliable way to determine what version the site is using?

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