How to wp_enqueue_script After wp_head


If you want to add javascript files to your WordPress pages, then a good way to do this would be through the wp_enqueue_script command. wp_enqueue_script has the following advantages – It ensures that a script only gets included once. It allows you to specify script dependencies. For example, script1.js should be loaded before script2.js. It […]

Shiba Gravatar Plugin 1.4

There are several issues with the client-side approach, including longer page load time, more limited galleries, and extra load on the client device.

The Shiba Gravatar Plugin allows you to cache gravatar images locally on your server as well as use your own set of gravatar images. This release updates the plugin for WordPress 3.1. We also expanded the plugin so that in addition to custom gravatar images, it will now cache generated (e.g. monster, identicon, wavatar) and […]