W3 Total Cache – Cookie Is Rejected

W3 Total Cache - Changing the file expiration time of the files in your Page Cache.

Recently, I switched over to W3 Total Cache. Reasons for the switch – There have been a lot of great reviews and raves about W3 Total Cache. W3 Total Cache offers a very comprehensive caching solution. I was having caching issues on my multi-site setup. In general, I am very happy with the results. There […]

Shiba Gallery 3.3


The Shiba Gallery Plugin allows you to display your WordPress galleries using a variety of Javascript libraries including Noobslide, TinySlideshow, SlimBox, Popeye, Picture Slides, and the WordPress native gallery. You can display as many galleries as you want, and have different types of galleries within the same blog page. Here is a detailed description of […]

WordPress Gallery Frames


Here are the current frame options for the Shiba Gallery Plugin. Possible frames include none, green, blue, gray, shadow, black, white, and border. Frames green, blue, and gray are based on the CSS styling of the Popeye example galleries. Thanks to the creators of Popeye for their awesome gallery. [gallery id=”10″ frame=”green”] [gallery id=”10″ frame=”blue” […]

Shiba Plugins and Chrome


November 25th 2010 Recently, there have been some issues with Shiba Media Library and Shiba Gallery in relation to a new Chrome update. In Shiba Media Library, bulk operations in the Media screen no longer worked when using the Chrome browser. This issue is fixed in patch 3.0.3. I also cleaned up the gallery tagging […]

Shiba Menubar 1.1

TwentyTen theme using the Menumatic script and Black menubar skin.

The Shiba Menubar plugin extends native WordPress custom menus so that you may add page trees, category trees, and archives. It also includes a several drop-down menu scripts for you to choose from including MenuMatic, Tinydropdown, and Sexydropdown. [Full Shiba Menubar description.] New features for Shiba Menubar 1.1 – 1. More Drop-down Menu Options Two […]

Crappy and Shitty WordPress Plugins


There are many articles that recommend the best WordPress plugins. Here, I want to dedicate an article to the crappiest and shittiest WordPress plugins. Are you ready? I am sure you want to see who the losers are right? WordPress Plugin Losers Here is how I see it – Anybody who takes the time to […]

Convert HubPages Comments to WordPress Comments


This is a step by step guide on how to use PHP to retrieve your HubPages comments and import them as WordPress comments. There are three key steps involved in this process – Retrieving your HubPages comments from a HTML page. Writing out those comments in the WordPress XML format. Importing the XML file into […]