Shiba Media Library 2.0

Screen shot of expanded menu functions added to the Media >> Library screen by the Shiba Media Library plugin.

[Most recent Shiba Media Library description.] Add Tags to Images The true power of Media Library Plugin 2.0, comes from image tagging. It allows you to tag your WordPress images or attachments with the existing WordPress tag framework. Once tagged, you can group your images into galleries simply by specifying their tag names. In this […]

Shiba Gallery Plugin 2.0


The main purpose of the plugin is to allow you to display your WordPress galleries using a variety of Javascript libraries including Smooth Gallery, Galleria, Popeye, Lytebox, and the WordPress native gallery. You can display as many galleries as you want, and have different types of galleries within the same blog page. Here is a […]

Shiba Gallery Plugin 1.0


[Most recent Shiba Gallery Plugin description.] There are many gorgeous Javascript libraries for rendering a gallery of images, but thus far, I have been unable to find a WordPress Gallery plugin that allows me to easily integrate multiple gallery styles within a single blog. Thus … the Shiba WordPress Gallery Plugin was born. The Shiba […]

Shiba Media Library 1.0


This plugin tries to simplify some of the image attachment functions in the existing WordPress Media Library. There are several key limitations in the current WordPress (2.8) Media Library including – Awkward to attach groups of images to a post. Difficult to detach images from posts other than through deletion. Difficult to re-attach images to […]

Gravatars Can Slow-Down Your WordPress Blog

wordpress-gravatar3.jpg [shiba_thumb]

Depending on time of the day and number of comments, using WordPress gravatars can cause a significant slow-down in your blog load time. Last week, I noticed a significant slow-down in one of my blogs. Pages were taking about 8-10 seconds to load, when previously they would load almost instantaneously. There are several ways to […]