What Job Would Suit Your Dog?

It is inauguration day, and there is much excitement and anticipation in the air.

While listening to the chatter of 24 hour news, I started wondering if my Shiba Inu would make a good President – I don’t think so.

First of all, he is very self-centered and would just do whatever he wanted regardless of the consequences to others. He is also not very good at listening to others, or taking advice, and would always insist that he was “right”, no matter what.

Yikes – that sounds eerily familiar!

So if not President, then what job would suit my dog?

I think my Shiba Inu would be an awesome scientist.

He is infinitely curious and he spends a lot of time just observing everything, including people, cars, other dogs, goats, etc. He could sit still for hours, observing the goings-on, even in our relatively boring, sedate, neighborhood.

One of my neighbors nicknamed him “The Little Detective“!

In addition, my Shiba Inu is running scientific experiments all the time.

He is constantly testing things like jumping onto counters, jumping on people, humping other dogs, different begging poses, different whining tones, etc. He tests these actions under different conditions, at different times of the day, and has a detailed lab book in his head of the results.

If he directed his scientific mind towards good, he would already win the Nobel prize!

Alas, good is boring for a Shiba.

If you have any appropriate job openings, here is my Shiba Inu’s online resume.

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