The Shiba

A Shiba Inu poem in honor of Zeus by Jess Ruper

Shiba Inu Zeus.

When told to come, he rolls his eyes
Makes you laugh when you want to cry

Forces you to play, by means of attack
Bites your ankles to demand a snack

Drags his bed to a quiet sleeping place
Allows you to share his living space ~usually

Prefers his food garnished with rotisserie chicken
Performs crazed runs from the bedroom to kitchen
Teaches you to fetch his toys
Effectively involves you in all of his ploys
Orders you to be still while he takes his nap
Bolts while going potty, for he is disgusted by his crap

Barks at you to turn down a loud-volumed TV
Always displays the utmost loyalty
Chases his tail like he thinks it is stalking him
Leans away, offended, if you try and reach for him
Thinks you are rude if you answer your phone
Takes full ownership of anything in your home

Though often upon their life you intrude
They are always your friend, and glad that they own you

A big thanks to Jess for sharing her awesome poem about the best dogs ever! 😉

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    • shibashake says

      Hahaha, yeah I have heard that Akitas have very similar personalities with Shibas. One of my neighbors has an Akita and a Shiba. He says that there are many similarities, but his Shiba beats his Akita hands-down when it comes to being neurotic. 😀

  1. Jess says

    🙂 Thanks – I always thought that Zeus was one of a kind, and while he does have his individual quirks – I have certainly realized that Shibas will be Shibas! I thought it was puppy sass, but it only gets worse with age and I love every bit of it! Never a dull moment with a Shiba.

    • shibashake says

      Yeah the poem is awesome and captures all the special Shiba quirks. I don’t know why people get Shibas. 😀

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