Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

This Shiba Inu puppy cam thing is extremely addictive!

They are so cute, and their mannerisms are so similar to my Shiba.

Shiba Inus, however, are a difficult breed to care for.

Shibas are aloof, naturally dominant, and do not generally like being handled, hugged, or held. They are not lap dogs. 

Shibas are energetic, extremely intelligent, and need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

Shibas need a lot of attention, and they like being inside the house with their humans. If left alone for too long, they will become bored, destructive, and will probably escape to find adventure elsewhere.

Shiba Inu Personality …

Do you still want to get a Shiba puppy?

For those brave souls, check out the breeder list at the National Shiba Club of America or adopt from a Shiba Rescue.

If you love Shibas, do not get a puppy from the pet store. Most, if not all of the puppies in pet stores come from back-yard-breeders or puppy mills.

Read more about buying a puppy …

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  1. lynne castillo says

    i just purchased a supposed 3 mo old puppy from first and foremost we purched her and she was flown in to lax on02/06/13. when we read the medical records that were attached to her carrier crate, it stated she was 20 wks old. she was very lethargic, not eating the first few days, but we made the effort to place both food and water in her mouth. we figured she was probably traumatized due to the flight. the following day 02/07/13 we found out at her puppy well exam she had a growth approx 2-3 inches below umbilical cord , puppy discharge, puppy vaginitis and brown liquid seeping from both ears. mind u none of this was stated on the puppy medical exam as of 02/04/13. she is now eating, but is lethargic , and faces the wall all day, not potty trained , and stares at the wALL ALL DAY. we also take her to the park and all she does is lay on the grass with her head down. mind u she has to b carried outside as she has not taken to the leash, harness, we have been told it seems like she is a broken animal. this is from the vet, cert. trainer and local brdr. help please we love her but we dont know what else to do. know that seller & brdr have rcvd money they state there is nothing they will do. anybody have any insight to help this poor pup?

  2. Jennifer says

    I will consider myself lucky then because my 3 year old male shiba LOVES cuddling. He is soo snuggly. If he is laying down comfortably and I sit on the floor he will get right up and lay with me. He is such a treasure, and 3 legged too! Which he of course uses to get more attention from people, HAHA.

    • shibashake says

      You are definitely lucky to have a cuddle Shiba!

      I also have a 3 legged dog – a Siberian Husky. She is also extremely sweet, very affectionate, and gets cuddles and cookies from many of the people that we meet during our travels.

      3 legged dogs RULE! :D

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