Shiba Diary – Visit to the SPCA

ZenZen and many other good friends.
August 15th 2007

Today I got to go to an awesome place called the SPCA.

There were many dogs there and many interesting smells. There was also a nice, enclosed play area where I got to romp around in an off-leash format.

This play area had many balls, frisbees, ropes and interesting objects strewn about, so I had lots of fun.

It wasn’t long before I saw this really hairy dog called Zen.

His face had some similarities with a Shiba, which means that he is quite handsome; although not as handsome as me.

True to his name, Zen was very calm, so it was a challenge to get him to play. In fact, for some incomprehensible reason, Zen just wanted to be with the 2-legged ones.

Everybody knows that 4 legs are superior to 2 legs! And a Shiba Inu is the most superior of all.

Anyway, I was not about to give up, so I did my best to get Zen to relax and acknowledge my Shiba-awesomeness. I jumped up on him, I ran around, I play-bowed, I did my air-butt move, I humped him on the side, back, and front. Ultimately, Zen realized what a cool dude I am and started romping around with me!

Den Female says that I was a pest and Zen played with me a little in the hopes that I would leave him alone; but I know better.

Everybody realizes that I am totally AWESOME … eventually.

I just need to apply my legendary Shiba persistence and everything always works out in the end. 😀

Shiba Wisdom

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

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