Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Thank you for visiting with Sephy and Shania and for sharing your dog stories with us.

It has been great to have such a nice group of people to talk with about Shiba and dog issues.

In between drinking eggnog, take many dog pictures and share some with us next year. That will be great fun!

Shania says “Happy Happy Lickity Holidays to you all”!

Sephy is off somewhere being cool.

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  1. Alex says

    Lupin will stick his nose in anything and take a long time disecting every molecule of scent on it. He even wiggles his nose to separate fur and feathers to get a deeper sniff. I remember this one time I was walking him and a dead bird was on the road; Lupin took interest in it and began sniffing it. His nose wiggled and separated the feathers on that bird the way a hand would have! I swear his nose has better motor control than my hand! There’s nothing he would mind sniffing! I personally hate air fresheners, perfumes, colognes, and anything unnatural-and-strong-smelling. But that’s just me. Can’t vouche for a dog, though!

  2. shibashake says

    We got him a cow hoof one time, and the first one smelled horrible. The second one didn’t smell as bad, and he didn’t like it as much. Guess the grosser the better.

    lol – I wonder if there are smells that we like that dogs think are totally gross. Maybe perfume? Powder? Air freshener? Are there particular smells that Lupie totally dislikes?

    Wonder if dogs would like durians …

    Dogs are probably tolerant of more smells than we are – which is interesting because they have such a strong sense of smell.

  3. Alex says

    I don’t think these bones were cooked much, maybe just dried. Anything else is fine with him, but ham bones for some reason are just too rich.

    We got him a cow hoof one time, and the first one smelled horrible. The second one didn’t smell as bad, and he didn’t like it as much. Guess the grosser the better.

  4. shibashake says

    Heh – probably for the best. I read somewhere that cooked bones splinter more easily, which can sometimes harm the intestinal tract.

    It is tough to find good chew things for dogs. Sephy used to love deer antlers. We would find some on the hills that we walk in, so I decided to buy him some extras. But the processed antlers we bought were too hard, and he cracked one of his pre-molars on them :(

    There really should be more controls on dog products.

  5. Alex says

    It looks like we’re not going to give Lupie any more hambones. This is the second time it’s made him sick, but last time we thought it was just he particular brand that was bad. Just rawhide and cow knots from now on!

    Hope you and your pack had a happy holiday!

  6. shibashake says

    Hey Alex! Good to hear from ya. Sounds like you and Lupin are having a fun holidays.

    Hugs to Lupie – I am sure he thought the hambone was more than worth it though. 😀

  7. Alex says

    Our friend got Lupin a ham bone for Christmas this year. He absolutely loved it, but an hour after consuming it he threw up in his cage and again on the kitchen floor a while later.

    Hambones don’t like Lupie, but Lupie sure loves hambones.

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