Magical Shiba Inu Pictures

Time really flies!

In about one week (October 10th) Sephy will be 4 years old.

In commemoration of this momentous event, I decided to collect some of my favorite pictures of Shiba Sephy and render them in a fantasy setting. I think that dogs are magical, so I wanted the pictures to reflect that magical quality.

Happy Birthday Shiba Sephy!

You are difficult, pig-headed, and too royal to touch; but you are also courageous, brilliant, loyal and full of surprises.

I love you very much.

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  1. pat says

    Hi, I’m about to make a decision shiba or husky. I love shiba for their looks and character. I met them once and fell in love. The way they look at you and you’re done for good:) And the Japanese air around them, as if the little samurai was inside the small body of the dog. Yet I was also considering husky. I am a very active person. Ride a bike often, live in the mountains. But most of the time I am outside home, come back at 3 pm from work. Then I can devote my time to dog. Also I am allergic to fur. And I know that huskis shed a lot. But can shiba make an active life companion? Can I take shiba to accompany me during 20 km bike rides. How fast is too fast for shiba. If I ride my bike 30 km/hour would it be too fast? I’d ve very grateful for your advice.

    • shibashake says

      Hi Pat,

      Both Shibas and Siberians shed a lot. There is fur on my carpets seemingly seconds after I vacuum. πŸ˜€

      Both breeds have thick undercoats which they blow once or twice per year. During coat blowing season, there is more fur than ever; even with frequent grooming.

      But can shiba make an active life companion?

      My Shiba is a lot less energetic than my Sibes. Shiba Sephy can also be picky about a lot of things like walking on puddles, or going out when there is too much rain. My Sibes are more outdoor oriented and a lot more tolerant of the elements – except for heat.

      As for bike rides, I don’t do that with my dogs so I do not have experience in that area. There are people who do that on the Shiba Inu Forum though, so you may want to ask them.

  2. Kim L. says

    Happy Belated Birthday to Sephy! Sorry I missed the actual day. What fantastic pictures. What a beautiful dog! Beauty IN the beast – ha, ha, just like my dear Fred. Poor Fred got upset at a CRACK of thunder yesterday evening, barked and jumped down from the couch – and strained his front right leg. He had to miss his beloved park walk this morning. He has been resting all day on a baby aspirin: I will leave work very soon to go back home to him. I expect he will still be a bit stiff, but since he landed on a padded carpet, I hope this is minor. I hate it when my baby hurts himself (as he does periodically in just that way: too-excited movement). Hope all is well with you, ShibaShake!

    • shibashake says

      Thanks Kim! Hope Fred is feeling better.

      Sephy-Town is current calm and quiet which is a really good thing. It has gotten a bit hot here lately, so the dogs are out of it during the day. The heat really takes it out of them.

      Maybe next time when the dogs get too hyper I’ll just crank up the heat. Heat training – LOL.

  3. Colleen says

    Glad Sephy helped opening jars because the finger crossing helped. His ear is still a bit scaly so they put him on antibiotics for another 2 weeks. They want to make sure its completely gone. Poor Reptar. 1.5 more weeks to go…

  4. Colleen says

    That is very fitting for Shiba! Reptar should have been born Oct 10. Actually his Aug 1 is also very fitting.

    Leos born on August 1 have a somewhat haughty personality but are lovable people. They need the validation of others, yet they are not likely to sacrifice their true self to that aim. These people set themselves a goal and go after it with little thought of how much time or effort it will require.

    August 1 natives have a real genius for creating interesting and fulfilling relationships. They have a difficult time finding partners who meet their needs and may need years to “settle down.”

    His visit to the vet was OK. He was not a happy boy but the vet said she believes it is an under the skin infection so he has been on antibiotics and antihistamines (to stop the scratching) for about 1.5 weeks now and it seems to be helping. If it doesn’t get better, they’ll have to do more tests. He has 1 more pill of antibiotics so keep your fingers crossed!

    • shibashake says

      LOL – Reptar’s astrology is so fitting! Just the first line alone is awesome –

      Leos born on August 1 have a somewhat haughty personality but are lovable people.

      That is so Shiba! I also love the last line –

      They have a difficult time finding partners who meet their needs and may need years to β€œsettle down.”

      Yeah those 2 lines sum up Shibas very nicely!

      I kept my fingers crossed all weekend. It was difficult to open jars but Sephy helped me with that. I hope the finger crossing worked. πŸ˜€

  5. says

    Happy Birthday Sephy! Our little Prince Zuko shares your birthday – he’ll be 2 this weekend. 10-10 must be a very royal date – sounds like you two have much in common. πŸ˜‰

    • shibashake says

      Hahaha – that is awesome!

      October 10 Birthday Astrology –

      Libras born on October 10 play by the rules. They have a good sense of self and care a great deal about their reputation. They may lack humility but are never gauche enough to show it. They have the ability to command respect from others by exerting their own brand of subtle charm, which is completely irresistible.

      Friends and Lovers

      October 10 people do not enjoy the role of peacemaker. If they have a problem with a friend’s opinion, they will speak their mind regardless of the consequences. They are equally forceful in romance. They usually take the initiative and go after what they want.

      LOL don’t know about playing by the rules but all the rest is good! πŸ˜€

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