Dog Toys – Egg Babies

I recently purchased the Egg Babies toy for my dogs.

These toys are a lot of fun.

There is a soft skin resembling various animals, and an elastic opening where you can put in several soft squeaky eggs.

My Shiba Inu was able to extract the squeaky eggs pretty easily, and of course proceeded to start chewing on the eggs.

If left to his own devices, I am sure he would quickly chew through the egg, and very quickly get to the squeaker, which can become a choking hazard.

Therefore, no chewing allowed.

However, these toys work out great as food toys. I just remove the soft eggs, and put in some tennis balls or other chew-safe balls instead. You can also put some dry food into the toys first, before inserting the balls.

Let your dog figure out how to get to the yummy food inside.

Sometimes, my dogs will try to use the Egg Babies toy as a tug toy. You should stop them from doing this as the toy is not hardy enough to stand up to a vigorous tug game.

The Egg Baby dog toy can be a really fun interactive food toy, but should only be used under supervision.

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