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All dog owners have many dog stories to tell.

My Siberian Husky, Shania, is a sweetie, who loves everyone, and likes to nibble on people’s chins.

My Shiba Inu, Sephy, is more aloof and in love with himself. But he can also be a big goof, and he is extremely gentle with his sister, Shania.

Yesterday, he was lying nicely on his bed, and Shania comes bounding up and starts using him as her chew toy. They tussle around on the bed, and when the dust settled, she is on the bed and he has been chased out!

There are always so many interesting dog stories to tell, and in these times, we all need some fun, and entertaining dog tales.

So come and join me at HubPages and share your dog stories.

We need more dog people at HubPages and you are all invited!

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