Dog Pictures – Strike a Pose!

Does your dog like to pose? What are his favorite poses and which dog pictures do you like best?

Shiba Inu Sephy is always ready to pose on or off camera. Often he will stirke a pose and hold it there for a while, as if waiting for cheers from his audience.

I think that most dogs like to pose because that is a great way to get human attention and good rewards.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some interesting Dog Pictures!

This picture always gets me! Shiba Sephy looks so funny with that toy on his head, and yet he manages to look so serious.

Several Shiba owners have talked about the famous Air-Butt move. Does your dog do this move? Some of us have been wondering if this is just a Shiba thing, so please give us your input.

Sephy wants to know too!

Wonder what is so funny – Sephy must be laughing at me! 😀

Shiba Inus are not usually Zen,

but here is Sephy practicing the art of meditation. Actually, I think he just fell asleep while waiting for me to open the door, so I took the opportunity to snap this Yoda-like picture.

Sephy is also doing the lazy Shiba side-saddle sit although you can’t see it clearly here.

Shiba Sephy fell asleep in the middle of a chase game!

The truth is, I got distracted with something while playing with him and he fell asleep with the toy in his mouth.

Gotta love Shibas and Shiba pictures!

Sephy likes sleeping on my shoes. I think he likes the smell.

Few people can resist the Shiba Look!

The Shiba grin may look rather fierce with all those big teeth. Indeed, many people mistake it for aggression … but it is just a grin.

I love the Shiba grin – I think it makes them look really goofy. Shiba Sephy often grins when getting scratched.

This is what happens when I start talking about politics.

Another weird Shiba contortion – or perhaps it is just Shiba Yoga!

I have no idea what Sephy is up to here – but it sure got us all laughing!

I usually sing with my Siberian Husky, but sometimes, Sephy will join in on our duet.

What Shiba Sephy lacks in melody, he makes up for in sheer volume.

Happy New Year.

My new year’s resolution is to take some time off every day, and enjoy life

just like our dogs!

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  1. Alex says

    It’s hard to catch it on Camera. He usually only does it every once in a while, and it’s followed by his body coming crashing to the ground soon after his head goes.

  2. shibashake says

    Thanks for your input Colleen!

    It is funny that the Lab does it too! Would be too funny to see them both doing it together – lol.

    Would love to see the pictures so please drop me a link or e-mail when you can. Also take some pictures of Reptar in class!

  3. Colleen says

    I have seen many labs also do the air butt move. Reptars Black Lab friend, “Goofy”, often does this move when playing with Reptar.

  4. Colleen says

    Love the pictures! I do believe the “Air-butt” move is particular to all Shibas. Reptar does it so frequently that we’re actually teaching it to him as a command/trick. He loves the challenges of learning! Reptar also does the carpet/floor swimming! He cracks us up. I’ll get up some of his poses soon.

    The Shiba Grin is possibly one of my favorites. It was quite scary when he had all of his sharp pointy puppy teeth. Thankfully those puppy canines are out!

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