Do Our Dogs Love Us Unconditionally?

Three dogs and man hanging out (group shot).

People often say that dogs love us unconditionally. Is this really true? Do dogs really love us, or is their “love” just a form of behavioral conditioning? We talk about doggy love, human love, and the human-dog relationship.

3 Dog Training Techniques

Doing an alpha roll on Siberian Shania?

I had a lot of troubles with my Shiba Inu at the start. I was expecting a Disneyesque kind of dog, but got a furry terror instead. Here, I talk about 3 training techniques I used at the start, mistakes I made, and why I have stopped using these methods.

How to Deal with Bad Dog Behavior

Face close-up of two Huskies during play. Both showing teeth.

Bad dog behavior is often very upsetting to us because we attribute them to lack of love, dominance, vengeance, or some other unpleasant human motive. However, most bad behaviors arise simply because of mis-communication and misunderstanding between us and our dog. Here, I discuss how I deal with my dog’s bad behavior.

Most Difficult Dog Breed

Three dogs hanging out in the living room - Husky lying on back with goofy grin on her face, Shiba Inu in the background (group shot).

The most difficult dog breeds are simply the ones that do not fit our expectations, temperament, or lifestyle. One man’s favorite dog breed is another man’s dog breed from hell. Here we examine the key characteristics that make up the most difficult dog breeds.

Why Get a Dog – 5 Good Reasons

Close-up of Siberian Husky puppy sitting with man (hand on her chest).

Dogs are expensive and very time consuming, so why get a dog? After I got a dog, I became happy, healthier, and I even lost some weight. Here are 5 key reasons for getting a dog and how my dogs have significantly enriched my life.

Do Dogs Need Other Dogs?

Big Siberian Husky playing with Husky puppy in a Yin-Yang symbol.

What really do dogs need? Do dogs need other dogs or are they perfectly happy curled up in bed with their people, and a piece of steak? We consider a dog’s socialization needs, and his need for companionship.